I collect cards. So I have cards that I want. I’m mostly a team collector, but there are certain players I love too on those teams. I’m one of those collectors that only collects a player in the team jersey of the team I like.

I collect all four major sports and players from these teams: Boston Red Sox, Portland Trailblazers, Edmonton Oilers, Carolina Hurricanes, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Some of my favorite players to collect from these teams are Jon Lester, Nicolas Batum, Taylor Hall, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Eric Staal, Jeff Skinner, Josh Freeman, and Doug Martin.

I usually only collect autographs, but I’m looking to build my base/insert collection of the players listed. As far as teams go, mainly just autographs from other players on those teams.

If you have anything I may be interested in please let me know. I don’t have a “have list” yet but I’m willing to hear anything you have and what you are interested in return.

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  1. RJ Reyes says:

    I have a 8 x10 panini national convention autograph of Josh Freeman if you were interested! Will send pic soon. Sill feel like death.

  2. brian says:

    I have a mike Williams Prestige Rookie Review PAtch card I would sell you or trade for something Fred Jackson or Steve Johnson

  3. i have a couple signed pics from Jerome Dyson,,, uconn huskie bball

  4. Adam says:

    I have a Taylor hall yg rc from 10 11

  5. Tim cobb says:

    Hey I collect dexter jackson from buccaneers the 2008 draft pick
    If u got any of his stuff hit me up

    • Mike Smith says:

      I actually have his SPx rookie Dual/Triple “Winning Materials” Card #WM-DE Serial Number 45/99. It has a Red Jersey in the “S”, a piece of his Gold Helmet in the “P” & a White Jersey in the “X” on the front of the card. It’s actually really sweet & in Nr/Mt-Mt Condition!!! Let me know if u r interested in it!! Thanks!

  6. Coach.R-meunthelot says:

    Is this current? I’m in the early stages of revamping my collection, while sorting I’m creating “need boxes”

  7. Scott B. says:

    I just broke a Inception a couple days ago. pulled a Doug Martin auto #117 Devier Posey (Texans) auto #123, and a Lamichael James jumbo relic…Wasn’t exactly impressed with a late1st rounder, late second rounder, and a 3rd rounder but those are the breaks. Thought the James jumbo should’ve had an auto. Also just bought Topps series 2 that had 75 dupes. Wasn’t impressed with that either as there were really no good pulls. Guessing all the dupes had something to do with it. All Topps would do is send me a few free packs.

    • I’m surprised they sent you anything, complaining about collation usually doesn’t get you anywhere. As far as Inception goes, that break isn’t terrible. I’ve seen worse. But they can’t all be winners.

      • Scott B. says:

        Yeah I know there’s worse but at $95 a box they can be distributed better. I would’ve been fine with just 2 cards with 1 good hit. Or even just 1 real good one. The rest of the base cards were good ones though. As far as Topps I’ve read a ton of complaints about their quality control both in blogs, Facebook, and twitter. Alot of duplicates. They can’t afford to just say “thats the breaks” every time. It will catch up eventually. That said I really do lIke their products though. Especially the new Bowmans that are coming out. They look sharp

  8. Scott B. says:

    So you know after a 30 yr. hiatus, I just started collecting again. Most of my cards are baseball from early 80’s. Though a couple yrs ago I bought a mixed box online of all sports. Mostly just base cards but they are from anywhere from mid 80s to mid 2000. Some good stuff, but mostly base cards. Alot to sort thru to see what I have. It’s tough when you’ve been out so long. Going to take awhile. Especially since I’m not really familiar with all the different card designs. I’m figuring some stuff out but im just not familiar with a lot of the stuff. Such as parallels, blues, golds, reds, blacks, refractors, etc. Makes it tough to know what I have. I know some of this wasn’t around yet back then. Anywhere do you know I could find card values that doesn’t cost to much money? I’ll keep my post to a minimum from now on to..Sorry. Thanks

  9. Charlie says:

    2008 Donruss Elite Passing the Torch Percy Harvin Sam Bradford Auto#25 for sale or trade!!!!

  10. Dustin says:

    I have a Blake Griffin superior card that im willing to trade or sell. If anyone is intrested ema
    il me @

  11. George says:

    I have a manufacturers sealed set of 1994 Birmingham Barons team baseball card set, which includes Michael Jordan and Terry Francona, who was manager of the Barons at the time. Anyone know what would be a reasonable value for this set now?

  12. I am trying to complete my 2011 Panini NFL sticker collection, I need 169 stickers to complete my set. I only collect San Fransisco 49ers so I do not have anything to trade but I could buy what ever pieces that you may have that would get me close to completing my set.
    Thank you
    Shawn W. Collier

  13. briannator says:

    i have a champ bailey rookie and a aron rodgers rookie i would trade it for matthew stafford

  14. Tracy T says:

    I have a 2009 Donruss Classics Mark Sanchez Auto Rc 23/25 Platinum NM-Mint Pack Fresh for Trade or sale! Plus 10,000
    other cards mostly Basketball. EBAY ID sweetdagal123, email gr******! Thanx for looking email me.

  15. Tracy T says:

    I have (2) 1970 Topps Tall Boy Pat Riley RC’s PSA Graded 6, and PSA graded 5 for trade or sale. The PSA 5 looks almost as good if not identical to the 6? So much for PSA! I also have 100 maybe 200lbs. of other cards, that I will sell by the lb. or by the card depending on what it is!

  16. Prem says:

    I have Adriean Petorson who rushed for 200 yards in the nfl and I want tom Brady

  17. Rob says:

    I just pulled out of the 2013 bowman football hobby box a Josh Freeman blue parrelel # 61/99 not sure if your interested? not looking for much in return i like Raiders,Jets,Knicks,Mets and Isles open to others also

  18. Darren LaMontagne says:

    I am also a Bucs fan but I mostly collect NHL Hall Of Fame rookie cards. I certainly have a lot cool Oilers rookie cards. Do you have Hall of Fame you can offer me?

  19. Mike Smith says:

    I just stumbled across your site & I really like what u have done!! Very nice & SPOT ON INFORMATION!! GREAT JOB…..Thanks!! I have 250,000 cards from all 4 sports & non-sports plus memoribilia……..over 200 Auto/Jersey/Patch Cards, hundreds of Numbered Cards, Refractors, Parallels, Base, Inserts, U name it!! I’m from the Pittsburgh area so naturally I like anything Pittsburgh. I usually only sell but I’m open to trades as well. You name a player & I prob. have them…Times a hundred!!!! If interested u can reach me at my E-Mail address THANKS!!!

  20. Jeff Robbins says:

    I have a 95-96 Fleer “Stackhouse’s All-Fleer #4 of 12 insert was curious what it booked?

  21. Aaron says:

    I have 2 jeff skinner certified rookie autos both numbered out of 100

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