Preview: 2012 Topps Tier One Baseball

In a little less than a week Topps is set to continue their game changers for this season with 2012 Topps Tier One baseball. The one pack product that features a few hits is back and upgraded from last year’s somewhat disappointing first season. A lot of collectors had high expectations last year, but it looks like things have been remedied just enough.

Every pack guarantees one Crowd Pleaser autograph, one On the Rise autograph, and one relic numbered to 399 or less. Plus 1:4 boxes contains an extra relic as well. I’m happy to see the guaranteed two autographs in this product because the checklist is pretty solid.

Even the relic checklist is pretty solid. If you are a frequent reader of the blog you might remember our checklist of bat knobs that are included in this product. Over 100 1/1 bat knobs are distributed in this product.

But one of my favorites is the acetate autograph rookie reprint cards. Autographs on clear cards needs to come back and I know Topps and Panini are doing what they can to make that happen. All spear headed by me! (Well I like to think so!)

And of course, there are some pretty autograph relics included as well. The product looks much better than it did last year and I can’t wait to see some breaks of the product. I also can’t wait to see some of these bat knobs. With 100 bat knobs from 100 different players, those are sure to be a hit.

Look out on June 20, 2012, for this product at around $90.

Topps Signs Cuban Star Yoenis Cespedes to Autograph Deal

More news hot from the Topps news wire:

“Topps is pleased to announce that it has signed Oakland Athletics outfielder Yoenis Cespedes to an autograph trading card deal.

Cespedes will make his first appearance on an Autographed Rookie Card in 2012 in the highly-anticipated Bowman Baseball…but with a twist.

Randomly inserted into packs are three limited “Bowman Lucky Redemptions”.  Cespedes is now designated as Lucky Redemption # 1.  Cespedes will have an unsigned Rookie Card in the product as well.

In addition, the Cuban phenom is slated to sign autographs in Tier One, Allen & Ginter, Bowman Platinum, Topps Finest, Topps Chrome and more.

Cespedes, a rare five-tool player, starred for the silver medal winning Cuban National Team in the 2009 World Baseball Classic and was named to the All-WBC team.”

Another great move by Topps to secure another rookie that will be popular with collectors this year joining the signing of Yu Darvish.

Yu Darvish Signs Exclusive Deal With Topps

So have you seen those Yu Darvish autographed cards that were inserted into Tribute last minute?

Well Topps has a newly signed exclusive deal with the rookie, a great addition to add hype for 2012 products. With the past few years going Strasburg, Harper, and now Darvish, Topps has been hot with the rookies.

You will also be able to find Darvish autographs in Gypsy Queen and Topps Museum Collection in the coming months.

But the big deal here is that Darvish is guaranteed to be in Bowman for his 2012 Bowman Chrome autographs which will be a big deal when Bowman rolls around.

Looks like it will be another hot summer of rookie searching for Topps collectors.

Preview: 2012 Topps Tribute Baseball

Coming up in a few days is the higher end Topps baseball product that brings you the Hall of Famers and legends like never before. With newly signed players to Topps like rookie Yu Darvish and future Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr., you’ll have some new Topps autographs to go after.

Either of those players aren’t your cup of tea? This $320 per box product also features autographs from the great Sandy Koufax, Willy Mays, Albert Pujols, and Hank Aaron. In fact, I’m impressed with the majority of the autographed checklist. I mean, look at this checklist, it’s solid.

While the game used jersey cards aren’t that impressing, I mean it’s a $320 product with plain jersey swatches, they look to be sort of a filler to the pretty impressive autographed checklist. Did I mention yet these are all on-card autographs?

With 3 autographs and 3 game used relics per box, it’s a risky buy at $320 as this product is kind of hit or miss for the most part. But with an impressive on-card autograph checklist, if you can afford it, it looks like a very fun break. If you do wish to try it out, good luck to you!