Preview: 2012 Topps Bowman Baseball

Let the prospecting begin.

2012 Bowman baseball is coming out in a few days which means it’s your first chance to get some of the hottest prospects and rookies of the season. Well, it’s your first licensed chance to get these cards.

We’ve already discussed the 2012 Bowman prospect autograph checklist, and today we just announced the 2012 Bowman wrapper redemption. But what about everything else?

Let’s start with what everyone loves, the autographs. There will be one Chrome prospect autograph per box of this product including top pick Gerritt Cole, Danny Hultzen, Anthony Rendon, and more.

You may also find autographed rookies as well as high school All-American autographs. As is standard with Topps products like this, you can find the several different refractor versions as well including autographed refractors. Yes, you will find Lucky Redemptions for Yu Darvish (#1) and Bryce Harper (#2) as well.New this year is Bowman Black, which is a black background card with a silver autograph. Very slick looking stuff and only numbered to 25 copies.

But besides the main draw of autographs, you will find 24 packs per box with 10 cards per pack of the regular hobby version. Each pack will yield 5 Bowman base cards, 2 prospects, 2 Bowman Chrome prospects, and 1 Base Gold parallel.

Each box should run about the same as opening day for the product last year.

But wait, there’s more. Have you ever wanted your own baseball card? Well Topps’ new promotion this year is to find 1 of 5 tickets for your chance to be featured in 2013 Bowman. How crazy is that? This has to be one of my favorite promotions of all time since I’ve always wanted my own baseball card. Awesome addition.

Remember May 9, 2012 for this release.