The Ryan Nugent-Hopkins Young Gun

It’s obvious who’s Young Gun from 2011-12 Upper Deck Series I hockey is going to be the most valuable this year…and it’s by a pretty big margin.

This card arrived in my mailbox yesterday. After opening two boxes of Upper Deck Series I hockey, I was not lucky enough to pull one. However, Field Level View, a friend of the blog, pulled one in his box of the product and was kind enough to send it over in a trade.

I know I’ve mentioned before how I don’t care for the Young Gun design this year, and I still don’t. However, this one must be the most beautiful of all the Young Guns I’ve seen this year. I believe the photo is from Nuge’s first goal for the Oilers and you can see the great expression on his face. Even the colors from the Oilers jersey looks really good on this card.

Young Guns are the most sought after non-autographed rookie cards of the year and often hold and retain their value for years to come. The Crosby and Ovechkin Young Guns are still worth quite a bit, as well as other NHL stars. This one will be no different.

I am psyched to have this in my collection and it is the only non-autographed card I currently have in my display case of sports cards.