Preview: 2012 Topps Series 2 Baseball

2012 Topps Series II releases on June 5, 2012, with more to work on your set and more value for the collectors. Including Bryce Harper and Yu Darvish rookie cards, you’ll have your staples from years past with a ton of great inserts and of course, the base cards to work on your set.

But first, don’t forget to get your empty Topps Series II wrappers in for the wrapper redemption program. You can visit that link for more information on that program.

At 36 cards per box and 10 cards per pack of the regular hobby boxes, you’ll find one autograph or one relic card per box. With some very good autographs like Bryce Harper’s short printed rookie having autographed versions, the newly inserted Golden Moment die-cut autographs, Yu Darvish autographed rookies, and of course to keep with the gold theme, your Golden Moments autographs return as well.

The inserts and relics are numerous once again as well with 1/1 letterman cards, wood parallels, manufactured rings, and more. The variety is strong in this product with a ton of great inserts and relics to be pulled. (As well as more Golden Giveaway codes!)

So get ready to finish off your sets, hunt for the Bryce Harper SP rookie, and find some more great cards for your sets. And don’t forget to send in those wrappers as well! At $56, it’s worth the price of ripping.

2012 Topps Series 2 Wrapper Redemption

It’s time for the continuation of the Gold Rush for 2012 Topps flagship baseball. 2012 Topps Series II will continue where Series I left off with another wrapper redemption program for collectors to feast on.

And with the details being extremely complicated, here’s what Topps has to say:

Topps is pleased to announce it is offering a Gold Rush Wrapper Redemption program to support the launch of 2012 Topps Baseball Series 2 (Please read the following carefully and follow guidelines to ensure you receive packs)

This exclusive set continues with 50 new subjects and selected autographs from such stars Bryce Harper, Yu Darvish, Ken Griffey Jr. and more!

Collectors sending in 50 HOBBY wrappers (or 14 HTA Jumbo wrappers) of 2012 Topps Baseball will receive a 5-card cello pack of exclusive GOLD RUSH cards.

And now, Topps has opened up the program to RETAIL wrappers as well!  Send in 50 retail wrappers (12-card packs only) and also receive a 5-card GOLD RUSH pack.  There are an incremental 10,000 5-card packs available for Retail in addition to the 10,000 Hobby packs.

Following are guidelines for the program,

·         All packages must be postmarked no earlier than June 6th, 2012.

·         Hobby and Retail wrappers must be packaged and sent to Topps separately and clearly marked “HOBBY” or “RETAIL” on outside of package.  Combined Retail and Hobby packages will not be accepted.

·         Topps will accept 2012 Topps Baseball Series 2 wrappers only. This is limited to HOBBY, HTA and 12-card RETAIL wrappers.

·         Each household will be limited to receive a total of TEN 5-card packs.

·         This program is valid while supplies last.

Packages should be sent to:

Gold Rush

PO BOX 2008

Duryea, PA 18642

I really like that Topps has put a limit on the number of packs a household can receive. The case breakers and those with the money can easily get a ton of these packs, really limiting other collectors from receiving something. I mean, look what happened with Series I and the Bowman wrapper redemptions? Good move on Topps’ part.

2012 Bowman Baseball Wrapper Redemption

Topps has just announced it’s wrapper redemption program for 2012 Bowman baseball and it includes some great goodies for those who get them out in time.

From the news wire:

“The first collectors to send in 24 hobby or 7 HTA wrappers will  receive a FREE 5-card pack of exclusive Blue Wave Refractor Parallel cards!  And that is not all!  Bonus autographed cards featuring hot prospects such as Josh Bell, Dante Bichette, Jr., Gerrit Cole, Matt Purke and many more have been randomly inserted into these packs making them even better!

There are only 10,000 of these exclusive packs so pick up 2012 Bowman Baseball on May 9th, rip it and send it right away to make sure you do not  miss out!  Once we receive wrappers for 10,000 packs we will no longer fulfill.

You can send your empty wrappers to:

Bowman Blue

P.O. Box 2008

Duryea, PA 18642


Prices Skyrocket For Topps Series I

It’s weird.

Topps Series I is at some very high prices right now, but they shouldn’t be. People love the wrapper redemption program put in place and love the Golden Giveaway type stuff. This first month is going to be crazy busy for people wanting to buy Series I.

This year, Topps has produced more cards for Series I since 1988. We all remember 1988 and shortly there after…mass production and card value deflation. Now we all know flagship Topps is no longer known for it’s pricey rookie cards, or short prints for that matter. Remember the Jeter card from a few years ago? How much is that going for now? It will be the same thing as this year’s squirrel card.

But guess what will happen next month? A ton more Topps Series I product out there and prices will be back to normal. We’ll probably see the Series I value pack with a Golden Giveaway card and every other way Topps tries to get rid of product after the initial flood comes through. Maybe even more with that much product being made this year. Right now, the prices aren’t nearly what the product is actually worth.

And then in a month or two, prices will come back to down to earth. It’s just sad that those who buy Topps flagship for set building are being victims of price gouging by hobby shops as people are going crazy over cards that will be worthless in a few months.

It looks like I’ll have to wait for my jumbo box so I can grab my team cards and check out this year’s product. And the fact Topps is only letting you redeem wrappers in the month of February? Well I guess I didn’t want those anyway. Not at some of the prices of this product in hobby stores right now.


2012 Topps Series I Baseball Wrapper Redemption

The Gold Rush is coming!

2012 Topps Series I baseball is coming and with it comes a nice wrapper redemption program for even more cards.

From Topps:

The over-riding theme in 2012 Topps Baseball is “GOLD” with The Golden Giveaway, Golden Moments inserts, real Gold cards and more!  And Topps is offering collectors a special wrapper redemption to celebrate.

Collectors sending in 50 HOBBY wrappers (or 14 HTA Jumbo wrappers)  of 2012 Topps Baseball will receive a 5-card cello pack of exclusive GOLD RUSH cards (image attached).  There are 50 cards to collect in all.  In addition, bonus autographed cards have been randomly inserted into packs and feature the likes of Willie Mays, Adrian Gonzalez, Sandy Koufax, Nelson Cruz, Albert Pujols, Albert Belle and Dennis Eckersley…just to name a few.

The exclusive wrapper redemption program will be available only for the month of February.  Packaged wrappers sent to Topps must be post marked no later than February 29th, 2012…so start ripping packs and send those wrappers in!

Wrappers should be sent to:

Gold Rush

PO Box 2008

Duryea, PA 18642

*Collectors are encourages to group wrappers and send 1 package.  Topps will fulfill all wrappers submitted until supplies last.