2012 Panini NFL Player of the Day Finale

The finale is finally here. The end of the Sports Card Blog 2012 Panini NFL Player of the Day promotion has come to an end. Let’s start with the Week 9 winner…

The Week 9 Winner of the Panini NFL Player of the Day contest was none other than Evan L. who predicted all three players who did better than my 3 chosen players. Well done by Evan! The bonus card randomly goes to Jonathan H.! Congrats to both of you for winning the last week of the contest.

Now onto what you all have been working so hard for this year. The box of 2012 Panini Rookies & Stars football and the jumbo Andy Dalton Private Signings autograph 6×8. After tallying up all of the entries and running them through the funky randomizer the winners are…

Box of 2012 Panini Rookies & Stars Football – Matt W.

Andy Dalton Private Signings Jumbo Autograph – Evan L.

It looks like that it really paid this year to get as many entries as possible! Congrats goes out to the winners and the prizes will begin shipping on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Please make sure I have your address if you were a winner.

Thank you and a big thank you to Panini for providing the awesome sponsorship of the program once again this year.

UPDATE: All items have been sent except for Shane K. (Need a bigger box!) and Matt W. (No Address)

Blogoversary Contest #4 Winner

Well the blogoversary is coming to a close and a nice lot of game used and autographed cards was made available for this contest. I made sure there was a little of something for every sport and manufacturer so if you won, I’m sure there was something in there that you would like.

Anyway, everyone wants to see the actual number for the winner so here it is. After the first year of SportsCardBlog.net on the internet we have received:

That many total views. With current numbers almost hitting 20k per month, I think that’s a pretty solid debut.

So that means the winning guess is:

127,750 guessed by Shane K.!

There were a couple of other very close guesses within a few hundred by Shane pulled out victorious. Shane, I’ll be sending you an email shortly for your address to send this wonderful lot out to.

Thanks to everyone who has helped make this blog successful, at least in my eyes.


Snow Stormin’ and Elite Extra Edition Winners

Hey there, had a couple of contests we need to decide some winners on…

First up is the winner of the random Elite Extra Edition autograph…and that is Todd! Congratulations! I’ll be shooting you an email for your address so I can send you a few cards from that product for you to check out yourself, including an autograph!

And the winner of the various Upper Deck stuff is….Jesse Reynoso! I’ll be sending you an email as well to get your address so I can send you a ton of UD stuff just for reading and commenting on the blog.

As always, check the blog for contests (especially after reviews…hint, hint) and you can be our next winner!

Still ongoing is the search for a big Texas and Oklahoma fan! Got one entry in and looking for more fans of those colleges!

Contest Results #5

I think this is my fifth installment of contests here on Sports Card Blog. So I’m excited about that. I’ve given out a ton of awesome prizes and they will continue through time. Although I haven’t spun the Wheel O’ Awesome in awhile. I might need to break that out again soon, or build a better version as it runs a little rough, lol.

Anyway, you’re here for the awesome news, previews, reviews, and contests. So let’s get the results of that contest part done so the anxious can settle down.

My back is bothering me the past couple of days and today so I didn’t make a video this time around. I don’t play favorites or any of that so you’ll have to trust me on the randomizers. And no, BA Benny did not win again (still a lucky guy!)

The winner after 3 randomizations of the 2011 Panini Rookies & Stars prize pack is…

RJ! Congrats on your first win! And thanks for commenting your opinion on manufactured patch autographs!

We only got up to 53 Likes on our Facebook page. I did require that 75 be the magic number needed for a sweet dual autograph bonus for the next contest. But we did make it above 50, so I will add in a different random bonus basketball autograph for the winner.

And the winner after 3 randomizations of the 2011 Panini Gold Standard + 2011 Panini Season Update basketball double prize pack is…

Trevor Picone! Congrats on your first win as well! And thanks for the “Like” on Facebook!

I will be contacting the both of you for shipping information. You may now post your acceptance speeches in the comments area.

Thanks to everyone who entered by giving their opinions and pressed “Like” on Facebook. Make sure you use all those links at the top right to stay informed on what is going on here at Sports Card Blog. This has been a daily blog since day 1 and will strive to continue that service bringing you daily updates around the sports card world. Who knows when the next contest may pop up as well? You’ll want to stay tuned.

Sports Card Blog Contest #1 Results Show

*cue the fancy music*

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Sports Card Blog Contest #1 Results Show!


Thank you, thank you. You are far too kind. But this is really about the nominees! All 31 of you had your chance to win fabulous prizes! 3 of you will go home with fancy prizes courtesy of Sports Card Blog. But first, we have a live performance by Blink-182!

Now I hear they are working on a new album so stay tuned to some other site for more information!


We’d like to take this time to honor a great entertainer who we lost recently, Mr. Macho Man Randy Savage. In honor of Mr. Macho Man we are taking Diamond King’s idea and the name of the wheel for this contest is:

“The Macho Man Randy Savage Memorial Wheel O’ Prizes”

Please take a moment of silence for Mr. Macho Man.


Before we go to the drawing, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who made this possible. Me. Go me! And I’d like to thank the viewers who spend their time reading Sports Card Blog. We couldn’t have done it without you! *sheds a tear*

Now, for the moment you all have been waiting for…the drawing…live on video! (previously recorded) It’s way too long of a video for what it is but we need to fill air time!


Winners will be contacted by the email they provided. Please post your acceptance speeches in the comments.

May the mojo be with you all! Thank you and goodnight!

*standing ovation*