Sports Card Blog – Panini NFL Player of the Day Week 6 Winner

Well, this was a harder contest then I had envisioned. I’ll start with Thomas Jones, the Kansas City depth chart had him listed as their number one when I decided to design this contest. I had no idea that was changed, so I apologize for that. I thought this would be something that everyone would get some points in, but that definitely wasn’t the case as points were hard to come by. I’ll think of something better for you guys next week in our October finale.

Anyway, congratulations goes out to Jay R. who barely beat KJ L. who was once again near the top of leaderboards. Jay R. will receive a giant Matt Cassel bobblehead for his in depth knowledge and premier guessing skills of the Kansas City Chiefs game yesterday. Who thought that Oakland would roll over and not put a point on the board?

Here are this week’s standings. The leaderboard page will be updated soon.

Jay R. – 8 (Winner!)
KJ L. – 7
Michael G. – 4
Shane K. – 4
Weirdmaniac – 3
RJ R. – 3
Madison V. – 2
Edwin G. – 2
Matt G. – 1
Nick L. – 0

So yeah, pretty low scoring week.

But I will make up for that. Expect the possibilities for BIG points next week in a fantasy football style challenge requested by Matt G. This will be the opportunity for EVERYONE to get back into the game. Stay tuned!