Blogoversary #3 Winner

Blogoversary contest #3 has ended. And a winner has been declared. We’re just keeping it simple with the results shown below.

As a reminder, the winner receives a Panini NFL Player of the Day t-shirt and set of cards.

Drum roll please…

Well that picture isn’t that great. But if you look closely, it says Matt G.

So a big congrats to Matt G. Personally, I think it’s about time the randomizer gave him some love. I’ll be emailing you shortly for your address.

Look for another new contest starting tomorrow that should be a great one. I’ll have to put something totally awesome in that one since it will last until the official blogoversary date.

Stay tuned!

Blogoversary Contest #2 Winner

It’s the birthday of the website and we are giving stuff away all month long. The second of the blogoversary contests has been decided. The winner of the official Panini America t-shirt is…


Kazi, I’ll be sending you an email shortly for address information.

Look for another contest up either tomorrow or Thursday to continue celebrating the first year of! There are still some doozies to go!

Blogoversary Contest 1: Winner!

We started off the 1 year Blogoversary with a great contest featuring a piece of Super Bowl history. The names have been entered and the list has been randomized 3 times. What spit out is below. Congratulations to the winner! But don’t be worried, look for another contest posted tomorrow!

A big congratulations goes out to Brian K. Brian, an email is coming for your address to send out this wonderful card to.

Everyone, thanks for participating. Make sure you check out the next contest starting tomorrow!

Christmas Contest Update – With Wheel O’ Awesome Goodness!

Hey there everyone, while I’ve been busy over here I’m still working on getting this Christmas contest wrapped up so I did the Wheel O’ Awesome spin for CynicalBuddha. Here is what you won:

Everyone else, an email is coming for your shipping addresses. Please include your favorite sports team as I will be sending a few extras out there.

Thanks again for your support…because of your support I can run contests like these!

Sports Card Blog – Panini NFL Player of the Day Week 8 Winner

Week 8 was a tough one first of all trying to guess who would be the starting quarterback of the St. Louis Rams. When I created the contest on Thursday, it was 50/50 that AJ Feeley was going to start so I assumed he would as the Rams are out of the playoff race and would want to make sure Sam Bradford didn’t further injure himself.

But the Rams started Sam Bradford and that threw everything off. For that, everyone who predicted a yardage amount would get the points no matter who started. It’s only fair to allow everyone who guessed to get the chance for points.

Anyway, here is this week’s standings and the beginning of the November monthly standings:

Edwin G. – 15
Michael G. – 13
Shane K. – 13
Christian N. – 11
Harley E. – 11
Jay R. – 9
Matt G. – 8
Madison V. – 8
Weirdmaniac – 7
Jordan L. – 7
RJ R. – 6
KJ L. – 6
Evan – 6

So a big congratulations goes out to Edwin G. for winning the Danny Amendola autograph! This is his second weekly win so definitely a big congrats there. Make sure you visit the official NFL Player of the Day site to learn how you can win in your local hobby shop!

There will be a game on Thursday this week, but I will be posting the contest on Thursday and we won’t count the Thursday game as to keep this contest on it’s schedule of every Thursday. I’d hate to post it early and include that game for those who are used to visiting on Thursdays.

See you Thursday!