2012 Topps Gold Rush Signed Baseballs – Truly A Game “Changer”

As most know, I love to read the boards of various internet sports card communities and check up on hot prospects (which I know nothing about) and little bits of sports card news that should be spread like wildfire. Well this is another one.

If you don’t remember the information about the Topps Gold Rush that headed to hobby shops last year, you missed out on a pretty cool promotion from Topps. It got people out the hobby shops and helped drive sales to shops and to new Topps products. One of the coolest features were several “Golden Tickets” that were put into these promo boxes which entitled the winners to a “gold infused” baseball signed by Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, and Ken Griffey Jr. How awesome is that?

As you can see on that link to a thread on Freedom Cardboard, those shops and people ended up getting royally screwed. Allegedly, Topps now claims they are unable to fulfill the winning ticket prizes for those items and have in return sent them cases of 2012 Topps Archives. Admittedly, Archives is a fun product to bust. But a case of Archives over a specially signed ball from three of the greatest home run hitters of all time? One of their cheapest products of the year?

My God, Topps. At least send them autographs of the individuals who were supposed to be on the ball. Maybe make a special print run of cards where they can sign the special cards for those people. Or maybe give them a chance at pulling an autograph from those guys…send them a case of Tribute or something worth something. I especially feel bad for those that bought those “golden tickets” on eBay expecting a great piece of memorabilia and instead got Archives.

Thanks Topps! I know your customer service had been crappy as of late, but that doesn’t help your cause. Step up, be the big man, and do something good for your hobby shops and customers who were affected.

Update: I like to think that the pressure from collectors made a difference here. It looks like things are starting to move forward!

Preview: 2012 Topps Tribute Baseball

Coming up in a few days is the higher end Topps baseball product that brings you the Hall of Famers and legends like never before. With newly signed players to Topps like rookie Yu Darvish and future Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr., you’ll have some new Topps autographs to go after.

Either of those players aren’t your cup of tea? This $320 per box product also features autographs from the great Sandy Koufax, Willy Mays, Albert Pujols, and Hank Aaron. In fact, I’m impressed with the majority of the autographed checklist. I mean, look at this checklist, it’s solid.

While the game used jersey cards aren’t that impressing, I mean it’s a $320 product with plain jersey swatches, they look to be sort of a filler to the pretty impressive autographed checklist. Did I mention yet these are all on-card autographs?

With 3 autographs and 3 game used relics per box, it’s a risky buy at $320 as this product is kind of hit or miss for the most part. But with an impressive on-card autograph checklist, if you can afford it, it looks like a very fun break. If you do wish to try it out, good luck to you!

Topps Says Hey!

Willie Mays is back with Topps.

Topps has signed a multi-year agreement with Willie Mays to bring his autographs to his fans and card collectors around the world. This mean you will be finding Willie Mays autographs in products soon, starting with 2012 Topps Series I baseball. He is also already slotted for Tribute, seen below, and Gypsy Queen baseball.

I, for one, am excited to see The Say Hey Kid return to signing baseball cards. I know his autograph has always been hard to get, so expect collectors who decide to sell the earlier cards to get a good return on these autographs. Topps will also be making relics from his former uniforms as well.

Expect this blog to start covering more big industry news like this from all the top sports card companies. It’s been long overdue and I want to keep everyone up to date on as much information as I can.