Christmas Contest Update – With Wheel O’ Awesome Goodness!

Hey there everyone, while I’ve been busy over here I’m still working on getting this Christmas contest wrapped up so I did the Wheel O’ Awesome spin for CynicalBuddha. Here is what you won:

Everyone else, an email is coming for your shipping addresses. Please include your favorite sports team as I will be sending a few extras out there.

Thanks again for your support…because of your support I can run contests like these!

Contest #7 Results

I needed to hold a Wheel O’ Awesome contest. The wheel is collecting dust and needs to be spun. Plus it will help me decide whether or not I need to make a new wheel.

The contest stated that you needed to guess which Major League Baseball game I attended in which a player hit for the cycle and who hit the cycle for what team. And….only one person guessed the correct game I attended in which someone hit for the cycle.

June 6, 1996, in Boston, Massachusetts, John Valentin of the Boston Red Sox hit for the cycle. I was sitting in roof box seats on the third base side where my cousin had season tickets. All game everyone was yelling and cursing at Bill Buckner who was a coach with the Chicago White Sox that year.

Also, in the first inning, Tim Naehring hit into an around the horn triple play.

I fondly remember Timmy hitting into that triple play with a hard ground ball to third and just hanging his head after he was called out at first. The other thing I remember was John Valentin hitting the double to complete the cycle and looking up at the center field scoreboard which stated “John Valentin has hit for the cycle!” while he was given a standing ovation. It was an amazing game with two very rare occurrences in one single game.

That was the last time a member of the Red Sox has hit for the cycle.

HockeyCard_Andy wins the contest as the only person to correctly guess the game. For some reason, everyone seemed to think it was the Bengie Molina cycle, however, it was not. I guess everyone (except for Andy) forgot about that other cycle at Fenway when I was 10 years old. Congratulations, I will be spinning the wheel on video for you in the coming days. I thank everyone else for guessing and stay tuned for more great contests and all the information your heads can handle.

Contest: Winner Gets Spin on Wheel O’ Awesome

I’m really antsy. I haven’t spun the Wheel O’ Awesome in quite some time. So here is a contest, no strings attached, a straight up guessing game.

I was at a Major League Baseball game in which a player hit for the cycle. Tell me the name of the player and the team he played for.

BONUS! What other strange event occurred during that game?

Winner receives a spin on the Wheel O’ Awesome. There are probably enough hints around this blog to help you figure this out.

Correct answers will be randomized. Answer the bonus question and get a bonus entry.

Contest ends on Sunday, August 14, 2011, at 10pm PST. I’ll be nice about this one and let you guess once per day.

Currently, the Wheel O’ Awesome has fabulous prizes you could win like an insert lot, a base lot, game used cards, autographed cards, autographed 8x10s, Fathead Tradeables, and a Mystery Box! Get your chance at glory by winning this contest. I’ll be promoting this contest once a day until it ends.

Contest Results Show #2

Here we are for Sports Card Blog’s Contest Results Show #2! We are giving away some fabulous prizes this time around thanks to Panini America for allowing me to review their products and give away fabulous cards from the break. So make sure you thank Panini America for their generosity and tell them you want me to review more products. The more products sent to me for review purposes, the more cards I can give away randomly and fill up the Wheel O’ Awesome.

Applaud Now.

End Applause.

Okay, enough of the shenanigans. Everyone wants to know who won. Well I have done the amazing witchcraft of recording what I saw when I used the randomizer to determine who won. Hopefully, the camera did not steal my soul. Here are your results for this fine grouping of 3 awesome contests and it turned out to be 3 separate winners!

And for those unable to view the YouTubes, here is a winner list:

Luxury Suite prize pack: Dawgbones of Dawgbones, a Phillies Phan!

Donruss Elite prize pack: Adam Horner

Score prize pack: BA Benny of BA Benny’s Baseball Card Buffet

Both Dawgbones and Adam Horner have the opportunity to substitute their prize for a spin on the Wheel O’ Awesome with prizes such as autographed 8x10s (1 left), Fathead Tradeables, autographs, game used, inserts, or base lots. Personally I would take the prize pack as you’ll most likely be getting more but it’s up to them.

I will now allow the opportunity for the winners to accept their prize in the comments below and provide a speech for all to read. Otherwise, I’ll just email them on the email provided.

Big thanks to Dawgbones of Dawgbones, a Phillies Phan! (who actually won) for being the only blogger to pimp the contest and win a bonus entry. That bonus entry helped lead him to victory in the Luxury Suite prize pack!

3 Contests Time! Score Some Free Cards!

Alright, alright, it’s the first week of July and we at Sports Card Blog have prizes to give away. That’s right, thanks to Panini for sponsoring our reviews recently I am giving away fabulous prizes!

To enter the contest is really simple. I am holding 3 separate contests.

Contest #1: Comment your thoughts on my review of 2011 Panini Luxury Suite hockey. A winner will be chosen at random. One entry per person. Winner will receive the Jeff Carter GU Jersey numbered to 599 and the Matt Duchene/Milan Hejduk Dual GU Jersey numbered to 599. If the winner is not a hockey fan, I will allow the opportunity to spin the Wheel O’ Awesome! (Could include hockey prize as well, be forewarned, or even base cards)

Contest #2: Comment your thoughts on my review of 2011 Donruss Elite football. A winner will be chosen at random. One entry per person. Winner will receive the Kyle Rudolph New Breed RC Jersey numbered to 299 and the Jimmy Smith Rookie Autograph numbered to 499. If the winner isn’t a football fan, I will allow the opportunity to spin the Wheel O’ Awesome! (Again, prize may be not as good!)

Finally Contest #3: Comment your thoughts on my review of 2011 Score football. A winner will be chosen at random. One entry per person. Winner will receive a Torrey Smith Gold Zone RC, Jason Witten Complete Player Glossy, Drew Brees Red Zone, Von Miller Hot Rookies, and Tony Romo In The Zone. There is no Wheel O’ Awesome option in this contest!

So there you have it. 3 Contests. Deadline is Saturday July 9, 2011, at 10pm PST. Winners will be chosen sometime on Sunday. Prizes will be sent sometime that following Thursday or Friday.

Oh, wait…BLOGGERS BONUS! Hey bloggers, pimp this contest in your blog and gain an extra entry into each one of the contests you enter! Just link to this post in a blog post and send me the link to get your bonus entries! I love my fellow bloggers so this time around it’s your opportunity to get some bonus action.