Custom Cards: My Wedding Edition

As some of you may have heard, I was given permission by my fiancee to create and produce some custom cards for our wedding as little wedding favors. While my fiancee has been busy creating the “official” wedding favors, I finally took the time to create the secondary wedding favor that will surely be a crowd favorite.



While it’s nothing spectacular in terms of design, the photography should be the most important aspect of this created card. These cards will be full-bleed, so just imagine the outside cut down a little bit.

I will be having 75 printed, with one card encapsulated by PSA. The encapsulated card will obviously be ours and we will be distributing the rest of them at the wedding reception.

I was considering hand numbering them and/or placing them all in toploaders with a custom sticker making sure the toploader stays closed, but I haven’t decided on that part yet. I was also considering making another version and putting that version at an odds of 1 per table, but that tacks on a little bit of extra money.

In the end, it will create an interesting keepsake for the family and close friends invited to the wedding and reception, some of which collect sports collectibles themselves.