First Month Review of

I have been using my own hosting service for one month now. Going from a free WordPress blog to a self hosted blog was something I wanted to do so I could try and make a little pocket money for my hobby and work with other companies a little bit more.

I had heard of from several friends and decided to give it a try. Boy, were they right. HostGator has been great for me. It has great speed for my blog, great tools to run my blog effectively, and great customer service.

I was wondering why my blog wasn’t up and running after the transfer and I filed a ticket. I didn’t know much about pointing domains to a different host, but the HostGator staff told me how it worked and advised that everything was working just fine, I just needed to wait on the internet pretty much. They were right, a couple of hours later I was able to see my site no problem. I felt like an idiot since it was something that happened to everyone if they changed their servers, but they really helped me out on that one.

I would recommend to anyone looking to host their sports card blog, blog in general, or any site or business they want to start. With some great prices and great service, I’m glad I signed up with them.