Review: Keepr Media Johnny Unitas Keepr

Video cards are part of the future of the trading card industry. Whether you are a purist or not, they have made many strides throughout the years. From Upper Deck’s card that was a mini CD-Rom to the videos built right into the card, they have evolved quite a bit. However, here is something new that hasn’t been produced yet and it comes from Keepr Media.


I received an email from Tom Matte, former halfback of the Baltimore Colts for the opportunity to review such a product. I jumped at the chance. Tom described the product to me like this, “This is a special collectible that aids former NFL pro football players via the Player Care Foundation (PCF). Not only does a portion of the proceeds go to former NFL players, but all NFL licensing fees go to the PCF as well. This product, called the Keepr, is a unique collectible that pays tribute to legends of the NFL. The Keepr offers a special experience on the owner’s computer featuring rare footage from the NFL Films’ vault, along with iconic photos from the associated press and career stats of the player.”


The product works as if it were a USB drive built into the card. It has a little chip that slides out and you put it into the USB port. From there, it opens and features a number of videos, photographs, and stats from the player. There are pictures and videos from Super Bowls and some of the greatest games that Unitas ever played, as well as some rare interview footage. Everything is licensed by the NFL and NFL Films, so you know you are getting some quality images and footage.


The technology works fantastically. The only improvement I would really like to see would be to have the videos pop up directly inside the flash based program instead of a separate window. That would make the experience that much better. Other than that, it is a fantastic archive of photos, videos, and stats of your favorite legend of the game.

You can find Unitas, amongst other legends, currently for sale on the Keepr Media website. The product currently retails for $60. While I think it is a great collectible for card collectors and fans of the game, I think the price tag is a little high. I understand the benefit for the Player Care Foundation and the price of creating the card, I think it would be more marketable at a lower price. It also doesn’t work on Macs unless you have boot camp installed, which I don’t.

You can find more about Johnny Unitas and his upcoming documentary movie about his life at Unitas We Stand.