Topps to Feature Fight Used Mouthpieces in UFC Product

Now I don’t normally cover UFC products, but it looks like I might have to start after seeing this news.

In 2012 Topps Finest UFC, Topps is producing a card that is almost unparalleled in any sport they cover. A full piece of used memorabilia in a single card. I guess that is sort of hard to do with the current sports out there, but Topps will be taking it one step closer to the action with fight used mouthpieces.

You heard that correctly. Topps will be putting full mouthpieces embedded into their trading cards of your favorite fighters. That is crazy stuff. Now I’m not a huge fan of MMA fighting, however this collectible is extremely intriguing and could start something across all companies and sports.

I know most basketball, football, and hockey players use mouth guards to protect against elbows, sticks, big hits, etc. Will this be the start of a new trend in the hobby of sports card collecting? Did Topps stumble upon something huge? It’s probably the one piece of an athlete that no company has touched yet, until now.

You will be able to find these in 2012 Topps Finest UFC set to release this month on July 18, 2012.