Panini’s Social Signatures or “Twittergraphs” Create Stir

When Panini announced the Social Signatures autograph subset in 2011-12 Panini Elite hockey, it was kind of looked over on their blog. With Chris Olds’ piece on Beckett recently, collectors started to take notice.

A little more about the concept, Panini will be inserting an autographed subset that is the first of it’s kind…an autograph from the player along with an inscription of their Twitter handle will be signed on their card. Not only is that an interesting twist to the autograph genre of cards, it’s great self promotion for the hockey players included in that set. A ton of new followers means new fans to connect with.

With players being able to reach out to their fans with greater ease then ever before, this is a unique idea for collectors and players alike.

Personally, I love that Panini plans on this subset being very limited and I would love to see this brought to football, basketball, and baseball as well. As a Blazers fan, I follow a ton of very talkative Trailblazers on Twitter and I know they would enjoy inscribing their Twitter handles as they love talking with the fans. As I said in my preview of this product, it’s a little gimmicky, but it’s new and interesting so I like it.

Check out at least one confirmed player in 2011-12 Donruss Elite hockey, Paul Bissonnette, orĀ  @BizNasty2Point0