Preview: 2011 Topps Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects

November 23rd is only a week away which means we are only a week away from 2011 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects baseball which gives you another chance to pull a Bryce Harper rookie autograph. Of course, Bryce Harper is obviously the main attraction but there will be 30 other rookie autographs for you to chase along with the several parallels and the addition of autographed Futures Game relics as well.

Each pack of this 24 packs per box product will feature 2 Bowman cards, two Chromes, one parallel, and two Futures Game stars or Team USA cards. You will also find at least one Chrome autograph and maybe a bonus hit of an autograph from a player on Team USA. The autographs will be paralleled quite a bit with regular refactors, blue, gold, orange, purple, red, printing plates, and of course, the highly collectible superfractor 1 of 1.

The regular base set will only have 3 parallels with blue refractors numbered to 499, reds numbered to 1, and printing plates. But the Chromes will have all their standard refractor goodness with regular refractors, blue, gold, orange, red, printing plates, superfractors, and the Canary Diamond 1 of 1s celebrating Topps 60th birthday.

Finally, the new addition is the inclusion of Futures Game jerseys with regular jerseys, jumbo patches, regular patches, and even some Logoman 1 of 1s. Imagine pulling the first Bryce Harper logoman or other hot rookies like Mike Trout or Paul Goldschmidt.

While I am not a prospector, I know what kind of value Bowman and Bowman Chrome brought this year so I am expecting a success from this product as well.

Here is the preliminary checklist which probably changed a little bit.

Better yet, just got a hold of the 2011 Bowman Draft & Prospects Final checklist!!


The Newly Added Topps Diamond 1/1 Cards

Recently Topps has added new Diamond 1/1 cards of 4 standout rookies from this past season in Dustin Ackley, Eric Hosmer, Mike Trout, and Michael Pineda.

These are in addition to the hundreds of other diamond 1/1 cards that are available to be won on the Topps Diamond Anniversary site.

Was one of your codes lucky enough to pull one of these new rookies or other cards? What have you thought about the Diamond Giveaway by Topps?

Personally, I was able to snag 3 diamond die-cuts of Red Sox players as I mentioned here my Josh Beckett version and I think those cards are beautiful. I wasn’t lucky enough to get a black diamond parallel or a diamond embedded card but that’s alright with me. I have these beautiful die-cuts.

November 2011 Sports Card Releases

As we roll in towards the end of the year, we are winding towards the end of the baseball card releases but really start to get into the meat and potatoes of football and hockey releases. We would have some basketball, but with the lockout still in effect, we may not have much of a basketball product line to check out this year. As always, the rating is my personal excitement level based off of sell-sheets and other information.


2011 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Baseball – $63 – November 23, 2011 – 6/10

Your last chance for a Bryce Harper rookie autographs along with some of the top prospects in the game. I’m not a big prospector so it doesn’t excite me much, but the new relic additions should excite most people.

2011 Topps Tier One Baseball – $85 – November 9, 2011 – 8/10

Topps Tier One is a new product that has recently changed up a checklist that may help include more value. Let’s hope the value is there as this looks like it could be a solid product for collectors, even though there are non-baseball autographs in the checklist.


2011 Panini Certified Football – $94 – November 9, 2011 – 8/10

I’ve always been a fan of the Certified brand, especially the new take on it in basketball, and this is no different. On-card rookie autographs and a great veteran mix should make this an exciting product this year.

2011 Panini Crown Royale Football – $94 – November 2, 2011 – 9/10

And I’m an even bigger fan of the rehash of Crown Royale. The rookie patch autographs are dynamic and great hits along with a solid design based on the old. Love this product in all sports and this product excites me.

2011 Topps Triple Threads Football – $177 – November 30, 2011 – 8/10

With extra hits this year, will that make this product less of a gamble and add more value? Or will collectors not care for some of the plain jerseys added? We will see soon enough!

2011 Upper Deck SP Authentic Football – $111 – November 12, 2011 – 8/10

While I’m not huge on some of the retro designs, Upper Deck does a good job keeping this product in the mix with the NCAA licensing and some great hits year after year.


 2011-12 ITG Ultimate Memorabilia 11th Edition Hockey – $625 – November 10, 2011 – 9/10

Full of awesome memorabilia and autographs, ITG does a great job utilizing a solid checklist with awesome swatches of memorabilia and autographs at a very premium price. I recommend buying this by the pack if you can’t afford the loftly price tag!

2011-12 Panini Certified Hockey – $94 – November 16, 2011 – 9/10

The first real rookies and autographed rookies of the season from players who have just hit the ice.

2011-12 Panini Pinnacle Hockey – $72 – November 23, 2011 – 7/10

Pinnacle is improved and looks good this year. With newly included case hits and 3 memorabilia cards and 1 auto per box, this is slightly lower-mid end product where you might find something nice.

2011-12 Upper Deck Series I Hockey – $67 – November 8, 2011 – 8/10

The Young Guns are back! The hottest base rookie cards of the year are out early and often again this year and everyone should be excited with another great rookie crop! Link goes to the checklist preview!


None. So, so sad.


2011 Upper Deck World of Sports – $75 – November 15, 2011 – 6/10

Preview: 2011 Bowman Chrome Baseball

The rookie favorite in baseball is coming out in a few days bringing back the chromey and on-card goodness that Topps always delivers with this product. Prospectors and collectors rejoice every year when Bowman Chrome comes out by buying cases of this product in hopes to pull some of the most coveted rookie autographs of the season.

This year, each box should supply one on-card prospect autograph from a great checklist of possible autographs. You can find your standard chrome autographs or a chrome autograph refractor with a multitude of different parallels. Red, gold, orange, blue, regular, or superfractor! The lower numbered the parallel, the more it will be wanted by other collectors and prospectors out there.

This year, Bowman will be including several different inserts to kind of break up the monotony a little bit. You will find 1 Bowman’s Best Prospects card per box, 2 Bowman Chrome Throwbacks, and 2 Bowman Chrome Futures inserts. All of these you can find in different refractor versions as well.

As always, there are several veteran and prospect base cards as well with different refractor versions coming in about 2 per box as well.

And as an additional hit, you may find a Team USA autographed card as well in your box which is a nice little addition for Bowman Chrome. Some of these “pre-rookie” autographs come in handy in the future if the player makes a name for themselves.

At 18 packs per box and a little under $70 for a box, Bowman Chrome always provides solid value, especially if you hit a nice rookie auto.

Hobby Warning: 2011 Topps Inception Cam Newton 1/1 Auto Altered

This is going to blow some of your minds, especially you high end rookie collectors out there.

I was browsing some sports card forums today and saw something I thought I would never see, although it doesn’t surprise me. The “holy grail” of 2011 Topps Inception cards, the 1/1 Cam Newton autographed rookie, had been sold on eBay. When the buyer received the card, he noticed something a little strange on the corner.

After further inspection, the person who sold him this card for $1300 had taken a black sharpie and attempted (poorly) at coloring in the corners of this card as it may had been chipped or had a bum corner coming out of the pack.

Why someone would do this to a card is unfathomable, especially a card of that value. Obviously he was trying to get an extra buck. From what I understand it’s some idiot kid. This same idiot kid runs group breaks as well on eBay.

Sports Card Blog recommends you never buy anything from nicksellsgamesncards on eBay or iamboxbreaks as this seller can’t be trusted for obvious reasons.

It’s a shame that such a great card will forever be tarnished by someone taking a sharpie to the corners.

You can see the buyer airing this information and his complaints at this link right here.