Story on 7 Year Old With Topps Golden Ticket Fake?

Reports have been swirling around the interwebs that the recent story regarding the 7 year old who pulled the 2012 Topps Football Golden Ticket has been falsified. Originally posted on the NW Herald news site based out of Illinois, the story looked to be a feel good story of a 7 year old kid opening a pack of cards and receiving a great collectible as well as the opportunity to have their own trading card.

Well a smoking gun on Twitter reveals allegations that this entire story may be fabricated in an attempt to bring more business to this card shop in Illinois. If true, it is another example of greed in the hobby and using little kids as way to try and gain more money.

Allegedly, it went down like this. One of the regulars to the shop came in one day and opened a box of cards. That box of cards had the Golden Ticket in it. Knowing it’s value, the regular customer tried to have the owner of the shop sell it on eBay under the ID amoreshawna for $1500. When there was no bids and it didn’t sell, he sold it to the kid’s grandfather for $500 in order to try and get publicity for his shop.

Yes, the kid still has the Golden Ticket and yes, it is a cute story about the possibility that a 7 year old kid gets his own Topps football card. In fact, he probably has a better than 10% chance in actually winning that part, which would be fantastic for any kid or any collector out there. But the cut-throat business of the hobby somewhat shatters this story of a kid pulling out a Golden Ticket from a box of cards himself, but instead to a greedy shop owner trying to improve business. Allegedly.