Preview: 2011-12 ITG Enforcers Hockey

Who is your favorite hockey enforcer of all-time? My personal favorite would have to be Tie Domi of the Toronto Maple Leafs. His antics on and off the ice are that of a legend. Who else would knock someone out for calling him “Tie Dummy” on the ice?

Well I don’t know if Tie Domi will be in this set (I do now! And he’s in!), but when ITG Enforcers hockey comes out on January 19th, 2012, you will find a ton of the all-time great enforcers of the NHL. Players like Donald Brashear, Marty McSorely, or Tiger Williams will be featured in this set of pure brawn.

Each box of 2011-12 Enforcers hockey will feature 5 autographs of your favorite fighters. I wonder how they can sign their names with such fists of steel, but somehow Dr. Price got it done. You can also find 2 memorabilia cards per box as well featuring insert sets like Instigator, Combatants (dual), Fight Strap (#d/8), Fight Strap (1/1), and Tough Franchise (quad).

There will also be 5 limited base cards in each box with subsets like Record Holders, Tale of the Tape, Bloody Battles, and Tough Franchise.

There will only be 12 cards per box of this powerful product that packs a punch to the parietal.

All alliteration aside, this product will come with a limited run and only sent to those distributors who pre-order the product, so make sure your local shop knows you want to grab this product, pull it’s sweater over it’s head, and unleash a series of uppercuts.

And I have to say, I love the design with the drops of blood on the borders of the card and the autographs over the band-aids. Very nice touch.

For more information you can visit the ITG blog where it has a ton of info. Want the autographed and game used checklist?