The Worst Conditioned Card in My Collection

Sports card collector are usually obsessed by condition. Condition not only makes cards that much more visually appealing, but it increases the value of the card exponentially. So why not share the card in the worst condition from my collection? Bloggers Plaschke, Thy Sweater Is Argyle and The Chronicles of Fuji showcased theirs, now it’s my turn.

This card was recently featured on my first BGS mail day post as a card that I actually had graded. Why would I grade a card that is in terrible condition is a question in itself, but it definitely takes the cake as the worst conditioned card in my collection.

1909-12 T206 Sweet Caporal Frank Isbell BGS 1.5

Now having a BGS 1.5 in itself is proof of the terrible condition of this card. You can barely make out the player name on the bottom of the card at this point.

Here’s the story behind the card though. When I first started collecting cards again back in 2005, I bought one of those dutch auctions on eBay. Basically it’s a grab bag with a ton of different cards throw in. I received a couple of pretty cool cards from players I was a fan of, but also this little guy was tucked in there. I knew it was old when I found the card, but wasn’t sure exactly how old it was. I wasn’t that well versed at the time with vintage cards, and I’m still not. But this is just one of those iconic sets that once you learn about, you will never forget.

First Ever BGS Mail Day

If you remember a few weeks back I spoke about the benefits and negatives of grading your cards. Well I went ahead and graded a few of my cards for the first time and thought I would share the results.

My reason behind grading these cards were mainly for selling purposes. As you can see, a couple of hot rookie autographs graded 9+ will add a little bit of value to the card compared to selling it “raw”.

The other is for display purposes. Owning a card from 1909 is interesting. I tell people about it and they ask if it’s worth anything. Well, as you can see, a 1.5 for a grade isn’t going to help it any. However, it will make a great display piece and conversational piece for my collection. The labels that show the date and the name of the player add a nice dimension to the display and the card is forever protected in that condition inside the holder.

Grading cards definitely has it’s benefits in this situation.