Preview: 2013 Bowman Baseball

Topps is back with one of the most anticipated releases every season, 2013 Bowman Baseball.


The thing I think is really cool about Bowman are the Black Collection autographs. These cards will be signed in silver and the cards are numbered to 25. Trust me on this, these cards look beautiful in person!

Of course with Bowman, collectors are always after the Bowman Chrome autographs. These feature some of the best prospects in the game as well as possible sleeper prospects in the future.

An interesting new set added this year are the Dual Franchise Refractor Autographs. These cards feature the top 2 propsects in an organization and are numbered to 25 or less! Also be on the lookout for Future Game Relics, these cards are from the 2012 SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game, and are numbered to 25.


Each box contains 24 packs with 10 cards. In each box, it will contain 1 autograph card per box.

You can find the product at DA Card World for around $70 when it releases on May 8, 2013.

You can also find the checklist on Cardboard Connection.

Preview: 2012 Topps Platinum Football

Releasing yesterday was Topps next installment for the 2012 football season with 2012 Topps Platinum football. Yeah, I know we’re a day late on this, but I wanted to make sure we gave the product it’s full due here.

Topps Platinum releases with 2 guaranteed rookie autographs per box along with a refractor autographed rookie patch card. You will also find one black refractor rookie, and one platinum die cut rookie. All of this will be found in the 20 packs that come in a box with 5 cards per pack.

Now that first thing that I notice is the lack of veteran content in this product. Yes, you’ll have your base cards and the occasional parallel, but veteran hits are tough to come by in this product. It seems to be the issue that I find myself looking into for most Topps products, and that is something that bugs me. Yes, you can find some autographed patch cards, but they are few and hard to come by. At $100 a box, I’d expect more than just rookie content. But at least it’s a strong draft class.

But the rest of what I have to say about the product looks pretty good. 3 autographs without any plain game used content is a great start to a product. Add in the signature Topps addition of refractors, and you have some additional value to the product and makes it possible for some huge hits.

Rookie autographs will be all on card and you’ll be able to find a ton of big cards including rookie autographed jumbo patches, autographed shields, dual autographed jumbo patches booklets, and your standard superfractors and autographed superfractors.It’s sort of like a Chrome product but with memorabilia.

All in all, despite the lack of veteran content in the hit department, if you are into rookie cards this may be one of the better products of the season to get your hands on.

Remember, it released yesterday so it should already be in your local store. For more information including a checklist of the product, check out Cardboard Connection’s product information page.

Preview: 2012 Topps Bowman Baseball

Let the prospecting begin.

2012 Bowman baseball is coming out in a few days which means it’s your first chance to get some of the hottest prospects and rookies of the season. Well, it’s your first licensed chance to get these cards.

We’ve already discussed the 2012 Bowman prospect autograph checklist, and today we just announced the 2012 Bowman wrapper redemption. But what about everything else?

Let’s start with what everyone loves, the autographs. There will be one Chrome prospect autograph per box of this product including top pick Gerritt Cole, Danny Hultzen, Anthony Rendon, and more.

You may also find autographed rookies as well as high school All-American autographs. As is standard with Topps products like this, you can find the several different refractor versions as well including autographed refractors. Yes, you will find Lucky Redemptions for Yu Darvish (#1) and Bryce Harper (#2) as well.New this year is Bowman Black, which is a black background card with a silver autograph. Very slick looking stuff and only numbered to 25 copies.

But besides the main draw of autographs, you will find 24 packs per box with 10 cards per pack of the regular hobby version. Each pack will yield 5 Bowman base cards, 2 prospects, 2 Bowman Chrome prospects, and 1 Base Gold parallel.

Each box should run about the same as opening day for the product last year.

But wait, there’s more. Have you ever wanted your own baseball card? Well Topps’ new promotion this year is to find 1 of 5 tickets for your chance to be featured in 2013 Bowman. How crazy is that? This has to be one of my favorite promotions of all time since I’ve always wanted my own baseball card. Awesome addition.

Remember May 9, 2012 for this release.

Preview: 2011 Topps Bowman Sterling Football

Topps is coming out with it’s next higher end football product this season with 2011 Bowman Sterling football. Well, maybe it has already come out as I have seen box breaks of the product but I have the release date as December 14th which is tomorrow. I thought I had time but we’re coming out with our preview anyway.

Every 5 card pack of Bowman Sterling comes with 2 rookie cards, 1 autographed card, and 2 relic cards. That is just per pack. There are 6 packs per box of this product so there are a ton of hits for you hit collectors out there. Every box will give you 12 rookie cards, 4 autograph cards, 2 autographed relic cards, 12 relic cards, and 1 dual relic box topper. I’m stoked that Topps has brought a box topper to this product as you may have read my post earlier this month wanting companies to bring those back out there.

Every autographed card comes in 6 refractor versions while the autographed relics come in 5 refractor versions. This product has both veterans and rookies so it looks like it would be my type of product and I’m picky about my products.

You will also be able to find dual, triple, quad, and 6 autographed rookies including the new pulsar refractor dual rookie autographed relics. Why Topps chose to create a new refractor is beyond me, but it looks pretty cool from the sell sheet photos.

This product appears to be out a bit earlier then I had on my schedule so check out your local store where you should be able to find this product for around $260.