Preview: 2012 Topps Heritage Baseball

Oh, what a year.

do, do do, do do

Topps’ set back in ’63! What a very special time for me! I remember what a year!

Okay, I don’t remember anything about 1963, but really…if you do, you weren’t really there. Actually, my mother was 4 and my father was 2. I’m pretty sure I was nothing more then two children living 15 miles apart who could barely put together a sentence and hardly knew each other existed.

But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t other things going on in the world, like Topps baseball cards.

2012 Topps Heritage baseball is helping you relive those years and those cards by bringing back that design with today’s players. With a nice 500 card set, it will be fun to put together for those who really love that old school design. And just like the ’63 set, you will find you veterans, rookies, and even manager cards.

Each hobby box will have 24 packs of cards will include 1 autograph and 1 relic card. The autographs will feature some players who were actually in the 1963 set, as well as current players and past stars. You can find the checklist here.

A nice inclusion is a little tribute to John F. Kennedy, the U.S. President assassinated in 1963. These will replace some of the World Series cards and will feature coins, stamps, and other variation cards that pay homage to our former fallen leader.

So check it out comes March 14, 2012, for around $70, and relive those nights back in 1963.

Review: 2011 Panini NFL Sticker Collection

It took awhile, but my local store finally had some stickers available. Well, they had some available once already, but it appears I was too slow as I think they were gone in less than a week. But I could totally see why they would be.

I never thought I would enjoy stickers and sticker books or anything as a 25 year old. Even when I was a youngin’, I wasn’t a huge fan of stickers. I know I had some baseball team stickers back then and would collect those, but didn’t actually stick them anywhere. I don’t think there was a book or anything for them back then. Who knows, I was little. But these were a lot of fun.


Star Player:



I really like the design of these. I’ve been saying over and over again, Panini does a really great job of designing their lowest end products. These stickers look great. The player is cut out and the focus of the sticker, while the background is a team color with a team symbol. The star stickers look great in all their foil glory, as well as the team stickers which even have some etching in their foil. Very cool. The book design is solid and I love that under each sticker area is information about the player and some stats. I also really like the inclusion of the Pop Warner insert set, Super Bowl, and NFL Hall of Fame subsets. There really is a great variety of stickers.


There are a ton of stickers for you to collect. Every team has a team logo and 12 regular player stickers along with 3 star player foil stickers. There are also stickers for the NFL, each division, Hall of Fame players, Pop Warner, and Super Bowl. There is so much variety in this product that it makes trying to collect all the stickers not only challenging, but a lot of fun as it breaks up the monotony of the same kind of sticker over and over again. I bought 9 packs of stickers and it seems like I got something different in terms of insert stickers in each pack.


$2 for a sticker book and $1 for a pack of stickers. How could the value get any better? The stickers are what you would expect and then some. How many companies out there have etching on their foil stickers? None that I know of other than Panini. If you are thinking, well, they’re just stickers, you are mistaken. The promotions involved in this product are great. There are random inserts for Madden 12 or Madden 12 Hall of Fame Edition and special rare sticker backs that if you collect all the sticker backs you can win some awesome prizes from Panini. Or do you want to win your Pop Warner football team a brand new sponsorship with new uniforms and equipment? Collect 3,000 sticker backs and be put in a drawing to win that as well. With all the added promotions and giveaways Panini has added, it gives you another reason to want to buy these.


Wait a minute, this is close to a perfect score. These are stickers, should they even count as a trading card set? Both are valid concerns. This product deserves the close to perfect score. The only problem with this product and any sticker product is trying to unpeel the backs. The design is wonderful, there are a ton of great stickers to be had, and it’s a cheap thrill with some great added bonuses. Should they be counted as a trading card? Can you trade the stickers? Yes? You can? Well then, I guess that answers that question. I wouldn’t go as far to say this is the best product ever created, but for what it is, it deserves the stars in every category. It’s fun, cheap, looks good, and does a great job to get kids into collecting. Whether you are into stickers or not, this is definitely a winner of a product.

I didn’t even mention that if you are just a few stickers short, go on the Panini website and order the stickers you need to complete your set!

Have you checked out Panini’s blog on how to stick your stickers properly?

Review: 2011 Topps MLB Sticker Collection

I went to the store the other day for some bubble mailers and I saw some of these 2011 Topps MLB Sticker Collection packs and the sticker book that comes with it and thought, why not? For $1 per pack and $2 for the sticker book it was a cheap thrill that lasted longer then opening most boxes because I had to peel the sticker and find the spot for it to go.

Then I was thinking, hey, it’s a sports card product right? Why not review it? So I brought out my trusty camera, took out my sticker book, and snapped some photos for those who may be interested in trying to put this set together whether you 8 or 50 years old. Just don’t stick a card in the wrong spot in the sticker book, so you have to know your numbers to be able to do this correctly. Or those who can’t put stickers inside the lines like I apparently can’t in the photos below. It’s my big hands! I swear it to you!





While the sticker design looks average at best, the foils looked great. The team and legends stickers are foil cards and not only look better, they feel like better quality stickers when you peel them and place them in your sticker book. And speaking of the sticker book, I actually really like the design of that myself. The interior pages are colorful and provide a great color photograph of a star on your favorite team.


Now this is a big checklist, but is it too big for a sticker book? It contains all the stars of your favorite players at 9 per team, all the team logo stickers, and 9 legend stickers. As this product is mainly focused towards children, will they be trying to complete the set this size? Either way, it’s great for low end set collectors as it provides a challenge to put together or great for kids.


How can you not give this value a 5 stars? $1 per pack of stickers gives you a ton of stickers and $2 just for the book itself isn’t bad either. There isn’t any frills or anything with this product like other sticker products, but it doesn’t really need it for what the product is and who the target audience is. It may be harder to get the older crowd involved in stickers, but sometimes you gotta go back and just do something for the kids and this does a great job of bringing kids back into collecting.


Is it just me or do you feel kind of weird walking into a store and grabbing packs of stickers and a sticker book at 25 years old? This product is definitely designed for kids, but I can see adults picking up this product as a fun set to put together whether they stick the stickers in the book or just collect the stickers. At $1 per pack and $2 for the book you aren’t going to break the bank putting this set together and the foils really stand out, although they are harder to get. I would of liked to see maybe a foil variation of the base card to mix things up a bit, but overall, a solid product.

Poor Pedroia, he has no Red Sox to be stuck on him.