Get a Sticker Auto in 2012 Tribute? Topps Has Your Back!

Hot off the Topps press news wire…

“Today, Topps launched the highly anticipated 2012 Topps Tribute Baseball into the hobby.

Topps originally solicited that the TRIBUTE TO THE STARS AUTOGRAPH insert would appear in sealed boxes as an incremental hit. The card is in product, but was  not delivered as an incremental hit.

Topps is encouraging collectors that opened a sealed box of 2012 Topps Tribute Baseball and received a TRIBUTE TO THE STARS AUTOGRAPHED CARD to send the card to Topps to receive a pack of 2011 Bowman Sterling Baseball (2 Autographs and 1 Relic).

Each card will be verified (via sequential numbering) and can only be submitted once.  The card will be returned with the pack of Bowman Sterling..

Collectors mailing in their cards should send to:


The Topps Company

Sports & Entertainment

Attn: Customer Support – 6th Floor

1 Whitehall Street

New York, New York 10004-2109

This offer will expire March 9, 2013″


On Card vs. Sticker Autographs

It seems like everyone has an opinion when it comes to on card autographs and sticker autographs. And it seems like everyone is just hating on sticker autographs on trading cards. Well let’s talk a little about both and then you tell me what you think.

Sticker Autographs

For those who don’t really know the difference, sticker autographs are the autographs that are basically signed on a sticker and then placed on the card. You can see the little company logo in the background as a form of authentication when you angle the card around.

Sticker autographs are needed in products to fill out what companies are dishing in products. With the large number of products that come out during a long period of time, it makes things extremely difficult for an athlete to sign already fully printed cards. The stickers provide some sort of relief to the company as they can create a product, design an area for the sticker, and just place the autograph on the card.

However, sticker autographs aren’t very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They kind of get in the way of the design sometimes and sometimes just look out of place or just ruin the whole look of the card. Some people also find sticker autographs to be…less special then cards signed directly onto the card surface. There is no personal contact between the card and the player. The player, in essence, has no idea what they are signing. It’s just less of a personal feel for the collectors whom companies are trying to bring closer to the athletes.

On Card Autographs

On card autographs are those autographs that are signed directly on the surface of the card. The athlete has to physically touch the card to sign it and handle the card themselves. This leads to a few issues.

The card could get damaged in transit or by the athlete. You are paying the athlete per autograph, and in turn, may not be able to use that card. It’s a slightly higher risk of losing money when cards are signed on the actual card unless they are done in the presence of a representative who has the proper tools to make sure the card itself isn’t damaged.

However, the reward is outstanding. Cards look better when they are signed on card. You would have to see a comparison in person to really get the feel of what I am saying. For instance, my recent review of 2011 Contenders football really shows this. I pulled a Jake Locker on card autograph and 4 sticker autographs. If you can look at the Jake Locker autograph and then look at the others you might be able to see what I mean.

Not only do the autographs look better, you can design the card around where you want the autograph to generally be, but also have the room for additions. Topps Five Star football does this extremely well as they have a whole subset based on cards with autographs and inscriptions on the card. Inscriptions may cost more for the company, but it raises secondary value of the cards themselves as well and collectors eat that up. Would you rather have a plain Albert Pujols autograph or an Albert Pujols autograph with the inscription “El Hombre”, “The Machine”, or “2003 ROY”?

But sticker autographs have their place in trading cards. They are needed in products on some level, but they are at the point where it seems like the majority of products are just filled with sticker autographs and on card autographs are just a secondary thought.

I have seen the trading card companies try and get more on card content into their products, and that is great to see. But it shouldn’t be a selling point for their products, it should get to the point where it is expected that you will find these more often.

Hell, even a redemption to get the autograph on card may be better for a super star or top rookie. But I won’t even go back to how I feel about redemptions as that is an entirely different story.