Prices Skyrocket For Topps Series I

It’s weird.

Topps Series I is at some very high prices right now, but they shouldn’t be. People love the wrapper redemption program put in place and love the Golden Giveaway type stuff. This first month is going to be crazy busy for people wanting to buy Series I.

This year, Topps has produced more cards for Series I since 1988. We all remember 1988 and shortly there after…mass production and card value deflation. Now we all know flagship Topps is no longer known for it’s pricey rookie cards, or short prints for that matter. Remember the Jeter card from a few years ago? How much is that going for now? It will be the same thing as this year’s squirrel card.

But guess what will happen next month? A ton more Topps Series I product out there and prices will be back to normal. We’ll probably see the Series I value pack with a Golden Giveaway card and every other way Topps tries to get rid of product after the initial flood comes through. Maybe even more with that much product being made this year. Right now, the prices aren’t nearly what the product is actually worth.

And then in a month or two, prices will come back to down to earth. It’s just sad that those who buy Topps flagship for set building are being victims of price gouging by hobby shops as people are going crazy over cards that will be worthless in a few months.

It looks like I’ll have to wait for my jumbo box so I can grab my team cards and check out this year’s product. And the fact Topps is only letting you redeem wrappers in the month of February? Well I guess I didn’t want those anyway. Not at some of the prices of this product in hobby stores right now.