“Ball Boys” Debuts on ABC

I briefly mentioned the new ABC show “Ball Boys” a couple of days ago when CBS declared the hobby of sports card collecting “dead”. I finally got a chance to check out a replay of the show and I wanted to share my thoughts.

My first thought was that this seems exactly like “Pawn Stars”. The “characters” and even the show setup seems just like the show it was based off of.

Set at Robbie’s First Base just outside the city of Baltimore, the show features a father and son who own and operate a sports card and memorabilia shop. The cool thing about this show for me is just seeing all the sports memorabilia and autographs this shop has that they get to deal with as well as overzealous people coming in trying to cash in on items that aren’t worth what they think.

While I’m not a huge fan of reality shows with this sort of set up, I could find myself watching this show because I am into the industry and love seeing pieces of sports history. Plus I can dream about owning some of the items they will show off someday.

It’s in a weird time slot on Saturdays at 3pm, but I love that it’s on network television and showcasing some of the interesting parts of our hobby. So check it out if you got some time on a Saturday afternoon.