Contest: Show Me Your ‘Bum! (Sports Card Album)

Show me your ‘Bum! That’s right. Show me your Sports Card Album.

What I have been given is an opportunity to showcase one of the greatest new additions to the hobby that will improve the community and your ability to share your favorite cards. That innovation was created by the awesome Sergio at Sports Card Album allows you to upload your photos of your cards to share with the world. Hate the new Photobucket? Don’t like using any of those other services which only caters to certain people? Now you can upload your photos to your Sports Card Album and have that hosting you desire. It is also a great organizational tool for your collection. You can upload from your PC or mobile device. (There are rumors there will be an app coming sometime in the future as well!)

So I have been given some sweet ‘Bum swag to give away. The only way you can get a hold of this MASSIVE prize pack is to show me your ‘Bum. You will get a sealed box of cards from Sports Card Album and some other goodies. It should be loaded with awesome cards to add to your ‘Bum. (Sorry Sergio, I really enjoy refering to it as a ‘Bum.)

To enter, write a comment below with a link to your Sports Card Album. You can get a bonus entry by tweeting on Twitter “The @SportsCardBlog made me show my ‘Bum @SportsCardAlbum #showmeyourbum“. Winner gets all! You have until Sunday, July 14, 2013, at 2359 PST to enter! Winner is chosen at random.

Extra Bonus: I will send out a prize pack of my own to whoever creates the best graphic with Sports Card Album and the hashtag #showmeyourbum (Judged by Sports Card Album)


Winner: Ben Swagga! Via his Twitter entry!

Fradulent Game Used Jerseys Still Raising Questions

September 13, 2012, was what seems like a long time ago now. I was on the plane back from Hawaii. Most people were still buzzing about what they saw at the National a month before. The best part of the baseball season was underway. “JerseyGate” was brought up, and forgotten by most collectors.

3 months later, we still don’t have any answers.

The New York Daily News posted a story back in September giving the details on how a fraudster sold fake game used jerseys to companies in order for them to make trading cards. The fraudster says he knew they were fake, the companies knew they were fake, but they purchased them anyway. He names all of the biggest manufacturers in Upper Deck, Topps, and Panini America.

The story also mentions in an interview with the suspect a certain incident he had with Upper Deck where he was selling them fake game used Derek Jeter jerseys and how they were “inviting fraud” because they were “unwilling to pay market price.”

Many collectors originally made a stink about the whole issue, but the card companies just wiped everything under the rug as if nothing happened at all. Consumers were never given a statement by any of these companies, so the question still lies…where are these fraudulent jerseys now? What steps have they taken to ensure this doesn’t continue? We’ve heard nothing.

I, for one, no longer personally collect game used jersey cards. After reading about the rampant corruption and fraud within the memorabilia industry I just stick with autographs, and even those have their own issues as well. At this point, what part of the industry isn’t a sham?


Guest Blog Post: Women In Collecting

by Ashley Reyes

I am counting down the days until the NSCC. But, as a woman, I also dread certain aspects of it. Such as, will I hear comments that I don’t belong? Will I be assumed to be there just for the purpose of pushing my husband’s wheelchair. I take the high road and don’t tell them they’re wrong, but it bothers me that my gender still means so much to some. They say we are taking over “their sports,” by having professional levels of basketball, soccer, and limited forays into softball and football, but the truth is that they aren’t watched in the numbers that their male counterparts are. They say we are taking over “their hobby” by being involved. I know men who quilt, crochet and knit, and I couldn’t be prouder. But in a hobby that some say is dying, does it really matter? If people are buying cards and paying attention, I’m personally thrilled no matter what gender, color, or orientation a person is. No one should ever feel embarrassed by their choice of hobby. Personally, I play video games, collect cards, and yes; sew, knit, quilt and crochet. In a time where 85% of all purchases are decided by women, does it really make sense to see anything as male only anymore?

On the website listed below, they have some pretty interesting statistics as to viewership of sports and even merchandise purchasing. With women accounting for:

  • 47.2 % of major league soccer fans
  • 46.5% of MLB fans
  • 43.2% of NFL fans
  • 40.8% of fans at NHL games
  • 37% of NBA fans
  • Women purchase 46% of official NFL merchandise
  • Women spent 80% of all sport apparel dollars and controlled 60% of all money spent on men’s clothing
  • Women comprise about one-third (34%) of the adult audience for ESPN sport event programs

Why would collecting be any different? We make buying decisions, we care about the teams and players, and we like collecting too. My husband may laugh at some of the reasons I give for my decisions on whether or not to buy a product, but they have a purpose – if it’s not outstanding, I don’t want it. I don’t care for sets that look like they took last year’s failed idea and threw into production because they had nothing better; I want clean, crisp and thoughtfully designed cards.  I want something that looks like they cared enough to really think about how it would look, feel, and yes, smell; because nobody wants to get high off the boxes. What I look for most in a product is a common theme – that the insert set flows with the rest of the set. As much as I love butterflies, I don’t care  for them as inserts in my baseball card set. Yes, they look awesome, but I buy cards for autographs and patches. With swatches and patches, I want to see color, to know where in the jersey it came from.  I like acetate and acrylic as they give the clean and uncluttered appearance, but I’m not a big fan of metallics.  Any set with too many metallics, or too many refractors, and they no longer become special or unique.

So, yes, I’m a woman who collects cards. I’m also a woman who knows what I want and what to look for, and most importantly, I buy what I love.  I’m not asking for the cards to be designed differently, or even marketed differently, just for those in the industry to take us seriously and realize we watch, we buy, and yes – we collect. So the next time you are at your local card shop, or a show, don’t dismiss that woman or girl you see; see her as part of the next generation.

(Data from:

SCB Note: Ashley Reyes is a regular reader of the blog and wanted to contribute on her thoughts and experiences as a woman involved in card collecting. You can follow her on Twitter @cardgirlashley. I invite other women to share their thoughts on gender and collecting in the comments below.



Weak NHL Draft Could Hurt 2012-13 Hockey Cards

As most hockey fans know, last night was the NHL Draft. My Edmonton Oilers picked up RW Nail Yakupov who was easily the most talented offensive player in this year’s draft. But after Nail, there were 8 defenseman taken in the first 10 picks.

We all know defenseman, in any sport, aren’t what sports card collectors get hyped over. Sure you have P.K. Subban who was pretty popular in 2010, but he is more of an offensive defenseman and he was drafted by one of the most popular teams in the NHL, the Canadiens.

Collectors will enjoy cards of Ryan Murray, Derrick Pouliot, and other defensive players, but they don’t bring the huge value you might find from someone like Nail or some of the top offensive players in the past few years like Ryan Nugent-Hopkins or Taylor Hall. There might be a few sleepers in there somewhere, but this year’s offensive talent is just below average.

Hockey cards seem to have been in an upswing and I hope this weak NHL draft doesn’t take away from that momentum.

Football is going to be EXTREMELY popular this year amongst card collectors with the amazing rookie class coming in and all the hype surrounding them, the same can be said for basketball and this year in baseball.

Contest Winner Announced

Tonight, we announce the winner of the pair of Panini autographs from our recent reviews of 2011-12 Panini Past & Present basketball and 2011-12 Panini Contenders hockey.

After a lower than average turn out for the contest, we have done some fancy randomization to come up with a winner. And the winner of the pair of autographs is…

Dan. Dan from DansOtherWorld has won the pair of Panini autographs. So a big congratulations to him and I’ll be contacting him shortly for his mailing address to receive these cards.

Thank you all for reading and entering the contest. Look for more contests soon after every batch of reviews we do.