New Partnership with Cardboard Connection

I’m back.

And I’m back in a big way. Just because I was spending time in Hawaii and enjoying a wonderful wedding of two great friends of mine doesn’t mean I wasn’t working behind the scenes in my spare time.

For some time I’ve been trying to find a way to maximize exposure of the site as well as work in helping the bigger sites with content. Well, the details are now hashed out and I have the opportunity to do both for the hobby community.

We have reached a deal with the biggest independent source of hobby news on the planet in Cardboard Connection. Cardboard Connection is my top source for information on hobby news that I haven’t been caught up to date with yet. With their fantastic writers and interesting columns, they are my favorite source of hobby news. You will only notice a few changes with the partnership that will not affect your experience here on SportsCardBlog. Our previews and reviews will contain links to special Cardboard Connection information on the product, including their awesome checklists. We will also have a small banner link on the side, alongside the companies who graciously send us product.

In return, Cardboard Connection will have our link on their main page under “Featured Blogs”, they will be helping to promote the blog through various social media sources, and will allow me to write for them on occasion. It’s a fantastic deal that works well for both sides. Plus, you can find more of me soon on Cardboard Connection. So make sure you are checking them out if you aren’t already. And if you aren’t, why aren’t you? Seriously. You’re missing out.

It’s truly an honor to work with such a hobby heavyweight and I’m excited for what this will bring for SportsCardBlog and the hobby as a whole.

Now, let’s get back to our regularly scheduled programming and at least 6 articles a week. My vacation is over.

Contest! Win A Pair of Autographs!

It’s been awhile since I’ve held a contest…I think since our huge celebration of the 1 year anniversary of the blog. It’s time to give away some more stuff to our loyal readers.

I have for you a pair of autographs from recent reviews. With the NBA Finals about the start and heading into Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals about to occur in less than 24 hours, it’s only fitting that we have one autograph in basketball and one autograph in hockey to give away.

We have a Bob Sura Elusive Ink autograph and a Colin Greening NHL Ink autograph to give away. (Images at the bottom.)

All you need to do to enter this contest is to give me your thoughts on the product each of the cards came from. Please let me know what you think of Panini Past & Present basketball and Panini Contenders hockey. Please post your responses in the comment section under THIS post.

Simple as simple can be. This contest will end in one week on Monday, June 18, 2012, at 12:01 AM PST.

Names will be randomized as always. Good luck!

1 Year of

At least one post a day.

That was my writing goal when I began exactly one year ago today.

I actually had the thought to start a site/blog a couple of years ago and I ran the idea by Mike Silvia, owner of Sports Card Forum. He said if I was looking to make money it probably wasn’t the best idea unless I was planning to put a ton of time and money into it.

But last year, after sitting around unemployed for a bit and needing something to pass the time between getting denied for jobs I was overqualified for or underqualified for, I decided to start a blog about my favorite hobby.

And thus, began.

A few months in after I bought some products to review, Panini’s Tracy Hackler took a liking to my blog and offered a sponsorship to review products. I was surprised and shocked at the same time. It usually takes quite a bit longer to get that kind of attention from card companies. I believe without the early support from Panini, this site wouldn’t be where it is today and would not continue growing. And recently, Upper Deck has gotten on board.

I could not have asked for a better first year of this site. I’ve got a loyal reader base and have made some great contacts and friends along the way. I wish I could attend the 2012 NSCC to meet with everyone but as I said, I’m kinda getting married two days later.

So from the bottom of my heart I want to thank the people who read this site, my followers on Twitter, Panini and Upper Deck for their support in product reviews, the other card companies who keep me in the loop, and everyone else who has had a part in helping this site grow.

I look forward to another year and what the future will bring. I have some great ideas coming up that will help and add more positive contributions to the hobby as a whole so you’ll definitely want to stay around for that.

Happy Birthday to – With Prizes

That’s right,, your favorite sports card blog, is having it’s first birthday party. And everybody is invited!

April 23, 2012, is the official date of the first birthday but we decided we are going to make the party last an entire month. So April will be now be known as celebration month!

In one year we’ve made some great strides in the sports card collecting community. We’ve got a great relationship with card companies like Panini America and Upper Deck. We’ve interviewed some great people within the hobby like Panini’s Tracy Hackler, Adam of DA Card World, and Tom Fish of Blowout Cards. We ran a great promotion for the NFL Player of the Day program with Panini. And we’ve posted on the blog at least once a day since the blog was created, giving you information about the products you love and other fun hobby news.

We’ve also done what I consider to be a great achievement that I didn’t expect and have received well over 100,000 visitors in the year since the blog was created.

I’m going to be giving away prizes all month long. Cards from my reviews, t-shirts, promotional items, and whatever else I can think of will be given away all April. All you have to do is keep watching this site, the official Twitter, Facebook, and maybe even the YouTube (which I’ve totally been slacking on, and I apologize). So make sure you follow, Like, subscribe, or do whatever you have to do to stay in the loop.

So to start the action this month, I’m going to be giving away a great promotional item from Panini.

This promotional card from Panini was given away only at the Super Bowl Experience in Indianapolis prior to Super Bowl 46. It features a great looking manufactured patch of the Super Bowl logo. Perfect for a Super Bowl historian, Giants fan, or an angry Patriots fan to burn.

Here’s how to enter: Just post a comment on this post. We’ll start it off easy. Also, if you own a blog or other website, I will give you a bonus entry for posting a link to this contest.

The winner will be announced on Wednesday, April 4, 2012. So you have until 12pm PST on Wednesday, April 4, to get your entry in.

Stay tuned throughout the month of April for more awesome prizes and thank you for helping this blog get to where it is today.


2011 Christmas Giveaway Winners Announced

Well ho, ho, ho, once again. It is time to announce our winners of the Christmas giveaway here on Sports Card Blog. With a large number of entrants and 6 possible winners (1 winning a Wheel O’ Awesome spin) there will be quite a bit of Christmas cheer to go around.

Here is an overview of the rules:

5 winners are chosen for the Yankee Swap. There are 5 prize lots out there labeled 1 through 5. Each item may only be stolen once, so tread carefully. If you steal an item, it is locked in as your prize. If you have an item stolen from you, you make the next pick. This continues until all 5 prize lots are spoken for.

Ready? Here are your participants…COME ON DOWN! Your name on the list is also the pick order and you can start making your picks immediately.

1. Nachos Grande (Lot #2)

2. Madison V. (Lot #3)

3. Card Hobbyist (Lot #4)

4. Dale McGarry (Lot #1)

5. Paulie3jobs (Lot #5 – LOCKED)

Wheel O’ Awesome Spin Prize Winner: CynicalBuddha

And here is the screen capture from the randomization after 3 randomizations:

You may start your picking immediately in the comments and I will edit the post with a picture of the prize chosen for others to make their decisions. So Nachos Grande, choose a lot #1-5. Emails will be sent out in a matter of minutes. I will create a video for your spin on the Wheel O’ Awesome, CynicalBuddha.

Lot #2: NachosGrande (Still able to be stolen!)

Lot #5: Paulie3jobs (LOCKED)

Lot #4: CardHobbyist (Still able to be stolen!)

Lot #1: Dale McGarry (Still able to be stolen!)

Lot #3: Madison V. (Concludes draft)