Preview: 2012 Upper Deck SP Signature Baseball

This will be the most confusing preview in’s short history.

Here’s what I got from Chris Carlin, Upper Deck Marketing guru:

“The biggest inquiry I’ve been getting this week however has been on 2012 SP Signature Baseball. It is a product we have been working on for months, but have kept under wraps until it was officially announced Monday. Our official statement on this product is, “We will not be releasing any information or images on the 2012 SP Signature Edition Baseball, but rather letting the product speak for itself when it releases on May 1.” I would highly recommend you check out YouTube box breaks and eBay postings on May 1 when this product hits so you can see first-hand the type of premium release this is. Other than that, I cannot share any additional details on the product.”

Andddddd, that the ballgame folks.

But after some additional research, I was able to dig up a little more information. Yes, I’m amazing.

Each box will contain 3 packs with 3 autographed cards per pack.

You will find 2 single signed autograph cards per pack with Retired Stars, Active Stars, Prospect Stars, Young Stars, and Enshrinement Stars.

Also, you may find 1 manufactured patch autograph per pack with several different dual, triple, quad, and even 5, 6, 7, or 8 autographs per card.

And I don’t have any pictures but this box.

And for $255 a box on May 1st, I would wait and do what Mr. Carlin says. Wait until you see the images on YouTube and eBay before you buy a box.