Aloha! Card of the Day: 2011 Topps Triple Threads Shane Victorino Autograph Jersey

Aloha and mahalo for visiting Sports Card Blog today. Tonight, we are on location on the beautiful island of Maui to get some needed rest and relaxation. Well, not really. A great friend of mine is getting married in a few days and I need to be there by his side while he gets married. So here I am, sitting just far enough to barely hear the waves at my hotel.

So when I think of Hawaii sports, I think of players that have come all the way from the islands to play professional sports. The first player I think of is Major League Baseball player Shane Victorino, also know as the Flyin’ Hawaiian. And I know a ton of people give Topps crap for some of the words they put on Triple Threads cards, but this one they did right. “Flyin’ Hawaiian” is the perfect nickname for the speedster and the perfect thing to put on his trading card.

Now I’m not a huge fan of Triple Threads in general, but the next release of the product comes out in a couple weeks. I have a preview for it coming soon, so stay tuned on that. Just hopefully this year Topps stopped with the corny words they are cutting into the cards for the relics.