Preview: 2013 Topps Series 1 Baseball

Baseball season is right around the corner, which means Topps is back with their first release of the season.


Topps has several different autograph and jersey sets this season that you will have the chance to pull. Some of the sets featured are Chasing History, which includes over 30 players.,Chasing the Dream, which includes over 20 players, and The Great, which includes 15 players and these cards are numbered to 10 and are signed on-card.

One of my personal favorite sets is the World Series Champion set. There is an autograph and autograph jersey set, both include 5 players and are limited to 50 for each set.

Something collectors need to be on the look out for this year is the Ultimate Chase Card set. It includes 30 of the most sought after current and retired players, and will be either an autograph jersey card, or a cut autograph jersey card.


Each box contains 36 packs with 10 cards per pack. In each box, it will contain either 1 autograph or 1 jersey card per hobby box. HTA boxes will contain 1 autograph and 2 memorabilia cards.

You can find the product at DA Card World when it releases January 30, 2012.

You can also find the checklist on Cardboard Connection.

New Update: To Celebrate the Chase,  Topps randomly inserted 10 Ultimate Chase Tickets in hobby boxes of Topps Series One.  Finders of the Ticket will win an authentic autographed bat signed by FIVE current and/or retired players!  Once Lucky Finder will win an ULTIMATE CHASE PASS – Their ticket to chase one team in the 2013 MLB Playoffs!

Bustin’ Blasters: 2012 Topps Series I Baseball

It’s time for another round of Bustin’ Blasters!

This time, we will be opening a blaster of 2012 Topps Series I baseball…and a bonus of a retail fat pack! Oooooh. (Or whatever they are called.)

So I ripped into a blaster and a fat packy retail thing in search of…well I wasn’t really searching for anything. Red Sox cards? Trade bait? So a little bit of both. Instead, I really just got some set fillers and my bonus commemorative patch.

And trying to hide from Yankees cards has proven to be extremely difficult. Too many Yankees for my liking. But all in all, ripping packs is fun so it was fun. Here is a sampling of what you might find in your retail or retail fatty packs.

(And if you don’t know what the base looks like by now, check out what I got in my mini-break of half a jumbo hobby box.)


Mini-Break: 2012 Topps Series I Jumbo Packs

So I went to this card shop yesterday with the intent on getting some free hockey cards for National Hockey Card Day and it turned out he had none. I know it wasn’t the “official” day but he wasn’t open on the official day so I showed up an hour after he opened yesterday to find he had none.

Now I’ve never been a fan of his card shop because he never has any product at all and today was no different. However, he did have 5 Jumbo packs left from a box of 2012 Topps Series I baseball and I hadn’t been able to open that product yet, so I grabbed them and some needed supplies. As with other mini-breaks, it’s not a full box so I’m not fully reviewing the product but I will add some thoughts and pictures in.

Overall, I wasn’t a fan of the design when I saw the mock ups but they do look better in person. The insert design is average at best for Topps but it is filled with way too many Yankees…and way too many doubles. Collation was a huge problem in my 5 Jumbo packs and that’s something I hate.

I was able to pull the mandatory 1 Golden Giveaway card per jumbo pack as well as Week #3 and #8 of the Topps Prime 9 promotion. So overall, not bad for the price he gave me per Jumbo ($10).

I still don’t like the shop though.

Here are the highlights…

Prices Skyrocket For Topps Series I

It’s weird.

Topps Series I is at some very high prices right now, but they shouldn’t be. People love the wrapper redemption program put in place and love the Golden Giveaway type stuff. This first month is going to be crazy busy for people wanting to buy Series I.

This year, Topps has produced more cards for Series I since 1988. We all remember 1988 and shortly there after…mass production and card value deflation. Now we all know flagship Topps is no longer known for it’s pricey rookie cards, or short prints for that matter. Remember the Jeter card from a few years ago? How much is that going for now? It will be the same thing as this year’s squirrel card.

But guess what will happen next month? A ton more Topps Series I product out there and prices will be back to normal. We’ll probably see the Series I value pack with a Golden Giveaway card and every other way Topps tries to get rid of product after the initial flood comes through. Maybe even more with that much product being made this year. Right now, the prices aren’t nearly what the product is actually worth.

And then in a month or two, prices will come back to down to earth. It’s just sad that those who buy Topps flagship for set building are being victims of price gouging by hobby shops as people are going crazy over cards that will be worthless in a few months.

It looks like I’ll have to wait for my jumbo box so I can grab my team cards and check out this year’s product. And the fact Topps is only letting you redeem wrappers in the month of February? Well I guess I didn’t want those anyway. Not at some of the prices of this product in hobby stores right now.


Topps Can’t Make Everyone Happy

With 2012 Topps Series I baseball coming out, you just can’t make everyone happy. Collecting baseball cards is one of those hobbies where you can be 5 or 55 years old and still enjoy collecting baseball cards of your favorite players or teams. But being 5 or 55 will make a big difference in what you want to see in your box.

The 55 year old will want the types of cards they had growing up. More of a set collectors product that is cheap and fun to collect. They want to see the players and the teams shown in full display and no frills or gimmicks. These are your old school collectors.

Then you have the younger crowd, or the newer generation. These new collectors are all about the gimmicks and the short prints. They love game used memorabilia cards and love autographs. They are spoiled by growing up with these being common in every product and get excited over them.

With Topps’ flagship product coming out, you just can’t please everyone. How can you have a product that has the flashes and gimmicks for the younger generation, the future collectors, and have that same tradition that regular old Topps from the 60s will bring back? You really can’t. You have to pick and choose what is kind of the best of both worlds. From Topps’ standpoint, you have to create what sells. And what sells? We know the answer to that one and it’s the gimmicks. It’s the flashy inserts. The game used and autograph cards. They are the main driving force behind the hobby right now. I give Topps credit for trying new things like the embedded pins and the fancy manufactured collectible patches. They are trying new things to either create the next boom or try and find something that both new and old collectors like.

But both sides are stubborn. And because of the stubbornness, Topps will never find that perfect middle ground and will either piss off one side or the other. It’s the way it has to be if Topps wants to stay in business. You have to make what sells or everyone suffers and there is nothing left.