Preview: 2012 Topps Series 2 Baseball

2012 Topps Series II releases on June 5, 2012, with more to work on your set and more value for the collectors. Including Bryce Harper and Yu Darvish rookie cards, you’ll have your staples from years past with a ton of great inserts and of course, the base cards to work on your set.

But first, don’t forget to get your empty Topps Series II wrappers in for the wrapper redemption program. You can visit that link for more information on that program.

At 36 cards per box and 10 cards per pack of the regular hobby boxes, you’ll find one autograph or one relic card per box. With some very good autographs like Bryce Harper’s short printed rookie having autographed versions, the newly inserted Golden Moment die-cut autographs, Yu Darvish autographed rookies, and of course to keep with the gold theme, your Golden Moments autographs return as well.

The inserts and relics are numerous once again as well with 1/1 letterman cards, wood parallels, manufactured rings, and more. The variety is strong in this product with a ton of great inserts and relics to be pulled. (As well as more Golden Giveaway codes!)

So get ready to finish off your sets, hunt for the Bryce Harper SP rookie, and find some more great cards for your sets. And don’t forget to send in those wrappers as well! At $56, it’s worth the price of ripping.

A Nice Easter Surprise

Easter baskets are a great place to put little presents. Whether it’s your children, family, or significant other, it’s always nice to receive a little surprise in your Easter basket. But sometimes you truly do get a surprise inside your basket.

Let me preface this by saying that this year my fiancee and I agreed not to give each other Easter baskets. The fact that I am unemployed and we just had our 2 year anniversary is part of it, but I made sure we had verbal confirmation that neither of us would be giving Easter baskets this year.

Well we were eating dinner before she went to work for the night and she goes upstairs to finish getting ready. As she is coming back down both dogs turn and look at the stairs, so being the observer I am, I turn and see what they are looking at. I turn and see a bright orange basket. Oh crap, I thought we agreed not to give each other anything. This wasn’t one of those instances where the girl says she doesn’t want anything but really does. It turns out her co-worker was talking about getting an Easter basket and how happy he was so she changed her mind and made me one.

The basket had all the regulars. Starburst jelly beans, Reese’s peanut butter eggs, the always yummy chocolate bunny, but what is this little box? It appears to be a little blaster box (7 packs) of Upper Deck Series II hockey! Awesome! This hockey season has been one of my favorites for collecting. My two favorite teams have awesome rookies. Carolina has Jeff Skinner and Edmonton has Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, and Magnus Paajarvi. So what’s better then trying to pull a Magnus Paajarvi Young Gun? I know it’s retail, but there’s still the chance!

Here’s how I did with the hits:
Victory RC Cam Fowler
Victory RC Oliver Ekman-Larsson
Victory RC Gold Mattias Tedenby
Young Guns Checklist Paajarvi/Seguin/Shattenkirk
Young Guns Korbinian Holzer
Young Guns 20th Anniversary Evgeny Grachev

Not bad at all for a retail box! I almost got the Paajarvi I was looking for. Well I can’t say I didn’t pull a Paajarvi Young Gun because I kinda did. The odds of pulling a Young Gun were 1:6 and I technically pulled 3 of them. The odds of a 20th Anniversary Young Gun were 1:96 which was a nice surprise too, especially since after opening 2 HOBBY boxes of Series I hockey I didn’t pull one 20th Anniversary Young Gun. Overall, this retail blaster was definitely one of the better ones I’ve opened in awhile. I never seem to get lucky with blasters. Perhaps I should let the fiancee pick out my retails from now on!

The mojo was lurking with me, and may the mojo be with you!