Preview: 2012 Cryptozoic Big Bang Theory Seasons 3 and 4 Trading Cards

Bazinga. I fooled you all with a product that isn’t sports!

From time to time I like to showcase products that really make me interested. Whether it be Benchwarmer products, comic book products, or TV series products like this. Big Bang Theory is one of the highest rated shows on television and it has captivated me and my fiance for a couple of years now. While I didn’t get to open last year’s product, when I heard it was coming back again I was ecstatic.

Big Bang Theory Seasons 3 and 4 trading cards are coming back this year and feature some sweet additions to the product. This time around, you’ll be able to find autographed wardrobe cards featuring an autograph (on-card of course) and a piece of wardrobe used from everyone’s favorite show. This brings you closer to Sheldon Cooper then ever before…especially if you may have met him while he was a robot.

At 24 packs per box and 5 cards per pack, you’re bound to get almost the complete set of cards. There are some other chase elements as well other than the typical wardrobe and autograph cards that you’ll find one of each of per box. You can put together the mini set of the story of “The Elevator” for instance. Or put together “The Duos” cards featuring some of the relationships that have developed during the show. It looks to be a lot of fun and if you like the show, you’ll love the collectibles.

So get ready on October 26, 2012. For $80 a box, which is very affordable in the trading card world, prepare to have your atoms knocked off.

Find out more at the Cryptozoic website!