Review: 2013 Panini Score Football

Score football is back from Panini and it is really bringing a different vibe to the product after years of the same set up. This year, Panini has stepped up the product big time so there is definitely a comparable difference compared to past years. Was it worth the change or should Panini return to the former set up? Let’s see what we got with this product review.

Design:4 and half stars blue

The design of this product was changed up from the typical Score designs of the past. This design is clean, modern, and has it’s occasional vintage look to them. Honestly, it looks like something that came from the Topps design team. And that isn’t a bad thing. The inserts go with the rest of the set design nicely and the throwback rookies look great. The parallels again resemble something from another company, but that formula has always worked from them. It works for this product as well and it really adds to the product compared to past years. Personally, I like it and would like to see it stay.

Checklist: 4 and half stars blue

 The checklist is everything you would expect it to be for a 500 card base set revolving around the NFL. You have everyone from your stars, veterans, and rookies coming into the league this year. Many of those stars have multiple cards in the set with different inserts. The rookies are a bit more difficult to find your favorite player, but that is what makes the chase that much more fun. Not really seen in this set is the retired stars or Hall of Famers. That is something that isn’t necessarily needed in a set like this, so I don’t mind leaving that out.

Value: 5 stars blue

If you are a trading card purist, this is the perfect set for someone like you. The current price is $88 a DA Card World  and you will find 500 cards in one box of this product. This includes at least 3 autograph/memorabilia cards as well. It is one hell of a big product and one of the heaviest boxes of cards I have opened, ha! The value is there with the sheer number of cards you will get, the included autographs/memorabilia cards, as well as some of the lower numbered parallels. Honestly, I’ve said it enough now but it is just like another brand’s product. However, the price point is lower and it contains the same, if not better, hits. No gimmicks, just plain old-school pack breaking.

Overall:4 and half stars blue

 Overall, what more is there to say about this product? It is a collector’s collector product. You know the ones I am talking about. Those huge sets. Those couple of hits. The limited inserts and the occasional parallels. The modern design with a couple throwback looks inside. A set that is all about the players, no gimmicks. And a good value as well getting 500 cards at a relatively good price. Nicely done, Panini.

Thanks again to Panini America for providing this product to review. You can find them online on their official site, blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

You can find the full checklist of the product over at Cardboard Connection.

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Just want the pics of what you can pull? Check these out.

Leon Sandcastle Rookie Card and Autographs Are Coming


Panini America announced last week that despite Leon Sandcastle not getting drafted in this year’s NFL Draft, they will be producing cards of the future star cornerback.

Want to know where you can pick up the first 2013 Leon Sandcastle rookie cards? 2013 Score football. This $1.99 per pack product features all of your favorite veterans, the top rookies from the NFL Draft and of course, Leon Sandcastle.

His first autograph cards won’t appear until June though. The release of 2013 Panini Prestige football will feature some ink from the Sandcastle himself, amongst other top rookie from this year’s draft.

While he may not be playing in the NFL this season, Panini will still be bringing you closer to De…Leon Sandcastle.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good gimmick that the collectors would like to see. This is a great example. But would this be needed if the draft class was as good as last season? Would companies actually be considering this to drive hype with a weak rookie class? I’m not so sure. However, it really does add to the “fun” aspect of collecting. If Deion Sanders is really signing for these cards, it could add a pretty penny to some collector’s wallets as well.

Read more from Panini’s official blog about their plans for “the Sandcastle”.

Review: 2012 Panini Score Football

A low end hit from last year, according to this blog, is back again this year bringing one of the best values in sports cards. The $1 per pack product is back again for the 2012 season with a new design and some of the first rookie cards on the market for the new season as well as some of the easiest to collect. You get at least 1 rookie card per pack and at 36 packs per box, you get a ton of rookies. It is a product for all ages and collector types. Want to see how this product stacks up this year and what we pulled from our box…well, here it comes.


I’m not huge on the design of this product this year. It’s kind of boring and looks like a few 2011 products from Panini with the regular base design. The rookie design I just can’t stand. If they were closer to the hockey designs, I would have felt a bit better, but the rookie cards really need some color. The grey lines really don’t stand out at all and are kind of boring. There is nothing else that really stands out in the product either. I mean, it’s all decent looking but what the product is really missing is some color. It’s missing some vibrant color as the colors are just plain. In the Zone and Hot Rookies are very good looking cards, but everything else is just average. It was kind of a letdown. Also, I thought Panini was numbering the parallels this year? And what happened to all the other parallels?


You know what to expect with this checklist. There really isn’t any surprises. All the rookies you could want. All the veterans you could want. Even a few autographs you have the possibility of pulling. The insert ideas this year are pretty good, but I was holding out hope they would use my insert idea of touchdown dances. That’s just me though. If they used my idea, I would of snuck in an extra star. :) But again, another great product for set collectors, hit collectors, and everyone in between with the huge checklist.


Again, with the basic formula not changing, the value of this product is great. $1 per pack with rookies and the chance for autographs. I don’t know how many times I’ve said this but Panini really knows how to do low end products. I can pretty much copy and paste this area for every Score product as they all follow the same formula. How can you ever be disappointed with the price of this product? If you are, you need to re-evaluate collecting cards.


Overall, of course this is another very good lower end product from Panini. The design was kind of boring to me this year, but I must admit I do like a few things about it. It reminded me too much of products from last season and the regular rookie cards are just a bore. The checklist is fantastic as always. With such a large checklist, it’s the perfect product for every type of collector out there. And every type of collector could afford it too. It’s $1 per pack which means how can you complain about it? Good work again by Panini on putting together and extremely affordable and fun product for all ages.

A big thank you goes out to Panini for providing this box for review. You can find them online on their official site, blog, Twitter, or Facebook pages.

Let’s see what the cards look like, shall we…beauty is in the eyes of the beholder:

Preview: 2012 Panini Score Football

The best value in sports cards has returned to the football arena bringing you the hit $1 per pack product in 2012 Panini Score football. There are other $1 per pack products out there, but none of them compare to the value that the Score brand brings to the gridiron.

At 36 packs per box and 7 cards per pack, you will get a ton of cards. You can also find rookies, glossy variations, numbered parallels, inserts, autographs, and even printing plates. All of this can be found in a $1 per pack product. This is the type of product for just about every collector found in the spectrum from set builders and kids, to adults and hit seekers.

There is a reason I love this set, which you can see my review of from last year. And it all stems on the value and content. But Panini also likes to uses retro designs and you can’t complain about that either. With designs that highlight several of the top cards of the product from the past decade, it’s quite a mix of designs that may bring some nostalgia back to your younger collecting days.

2012 Panini Score is going to be one of those products that just about everyone will love no matter how old they are. It’s easy on the wallet, a great set to complete, and contains some chase cards to search for. It’s the perfect blend of all the things that makes collecting great.

Check out some more information and photos on the Panini blog.

This product is set to release on July 18, 2012, for $1 per pack or $30 for a box. That’s a great deal right there.

Review: 2011-12 Panini Score Hockey

The best value in sports cards is back, this time hot off the ice. Panini Score hockey brings you pack after pack for only $1 each, filled with inserts, die-cuts, rookies, and even the occasional autograph. You can see my preview of the product here with more information. But here is my box of 2011-12 Panini Score hockey, brought to you by my future mother in-law as a Christmas present.

And here’s our pulls (one example of each):

[portfolio_slideshow showcaps=true pagerpos=disable exclude=”2036″]


The design of Score is always solid all around. This year, the design brings me back to the 70s or 80s. Back in a year where I was probably not even born. But the design still looks good to me with the colors designed to match the team colors. As always, I love those little additions that make designs merge better into the card. The inserts are all beautiful as well. My favorites being the die-cuts, Making an Entrance, and the Net Cam inserts. This whole product is very solid in the design department and for a $1 per pack product, that’s great.


As with all of Panini Score products, the checklist is always great. This product is full of all the stars of the league, a ton of veterans, and a good number of rookies. Some may dislike some of the better known rookies being short prints, but I think it’s a great idea to add some extra value, which will be discussed below. The only thing that some people may not like is some of the game’s greatest players in history. Personally, I believe that every product does not need to contain those facets. Just like I believe that every product doesn’t need to be a ton of rookies. But the checklist of veterans and rookies in a 500 card checklist is great for set collectors, especially with it being $1.


The value of this product is some of the best in the industry. $1 per pack of trading cards. How does it get better then that? There are short printed rookies of the top rookies, a ton of base cards, a great number of inserts and limited inserts, and the occasional autograph thrown in there at a better rate then other company’s low end products. As I stated earlier, the best value in sports trading cards is Panini’s Score brand and they don’t disappoint once again.


Overall, the Score brand has been a staple of quality low-end products of Panini since they brought it back to sports. The design is always solid in all facets of the product. The checklist is always filled with what seems like every player in the league so you will be able to find your favorite team or players in every box. And when you are buying those boxes, it won’t hurt your wallet and you might get some decent value cards from the box. Say you pull a rookie short print and an autograph in the same box? You are doing well for yourself there. Overall, it’s a great product that gets you in the hockey collecting mood for the entire season.

No video this time around, couldn’t set it up while opening the box by the Christmas tree.