2012 Topps Olympics Autographs Shooting Skyward

I almost titled that “Shooting Up”. That would have been a terrible accident.

Anyway, with the Olympics getting into full swing and medals being handled out, it’s only natural some of the hottest autographs on the market right now are from the 2012 Topps Olympics set. While I failed to provide a preview for this product, as I should have done, I can’t tell you much.

But what I do know is that some cards are going bonkers right now. For instance, Ryan Lochte scored his first gold medal last night and his autograph is currently well into the $100-$200 range. For a beautifully designed card, despite the sticker auto, the card should continue to rise as he wins more medals…as he probably will.

But several Michael Phelps and Lolo Jones cards are hitting their highest marks as well with Phelps and Lolo getting prices between $400 and as high as $1700 for their autographed cardboard. That’s pretty amazing for sports that are only really mainstream every four years.

But with every medal these popular athletes get, the prices will continue to rise. 2012 Topps Olympics may have been a great product to invest in and then sell during or right after the Olympics as some of those autographs are getting top cash right now.