Review: 2012 Panini Elite Football

One of the staples of the Panini football season is long since released in 2012 Panini Elite football and I’m finally available to give you the review it deserves. Yeah, I’ve been away from the world for awhile touring in Europe for my honeymoon, but I’ve been wanting to write this review for quite awhile now. When I opened the box before I left, I had really hoped to be able to provide a review sooner. Weddings and honeymoons really get in the way of other plans sometimes. But needless to say, I have the review ready for everyone. It’s a bit late in the game with other products about to come out, but it’s still worthy to check it out. Let’s see what we got here…






To say Panini improved upon the design this year after last year’s product is an understatement. In fact, you could say Panini annihilated last year’s product and the product looks completely different. This looks fantastic and is something to build upon for the season. I enjoyed just about every facet of this year’s product from the awesome acetate cards that I’ve been bugging the industry about for the last year, to the Prime Numbers with little holes cut into the card, to even the solid base set. I’m not sure exactly what Panini did over there to get all these improvements done so fast, but I like it. I knew it was going to be looking good from previews, but I was still surprised even after opening the box. Good work.


A strong rookie class is always extra points for any checklist. And Panini’s usual supporting class in every product always helps as well. But something I’m not a huge fan of in this product is the amount of defensive players like linemen who are included in the autograph checklist. A card in which that I did pull. I’m also not a huge fan of the number of rookies in this product with 100 rookies available to pull. But that’s more of a personal preference. Other than that, you have your rookie talent which is plentiful, your veterans, and a few retired stars thrown in there as well. There’s always something for everybody.


In general I find most of Panini’s products to be overpriced a bit, so this being 4 stars is nothing new to my reviews. It’s a solid product value wise, but I think that has more to do with the awesome rookie class and an improved product in general. If it was priced a little lower it would easily be 4.5-5 stars so I’d definitely wait for the price to come down a bit. The big hang up for me is just some of the autographs on the checklist. See, I don’t mind if I get a 8th round quarterback autograph. At least it has the chance to rise in value someday. 2nd round defensive ends? They’re probably cost effective for the company, but the consumer isn’t always happy with it. It’s a thin line the companies toy with when it comes to rookie autographs. They include them for the fans, but a lot of collectors want some value in their purchases as well. It’s tough.


Overall, it feels like a new direction for Panini football products. The design is one of the best for this product in recent memory and provides the kind of momentum they can bring to future products this season. The checklist is usually what you would expect, nothing surprising about it, but it always provides something for everyone whether you are picking up singles or opening single boxes and packs. The value is what you’d really expect at this point as well, but there are some issues that I think could be worked on. Overall though, Panini should be happy with how the product turned out this year. Last year was a wreck and they needed a big boost this year to prove to some of the doubters out there that they can make nice looking products. They did that this year.

A big thanks goes out to Panini America for providing this box for review. You can find them on their official site, blog, Twitter, Facebook, and everywhere else.

Oh, and here are some of what you might find in your own box. Let me know what you think.

Agenda: After Honeymoon Return

Late last night, after hours of plane flights and flying through 3 countries, I finally returned home from my honeymoon.

I apologize for the lack of posts this month, but I just didn’t have the time to pre-write content that could last for awhile. Planning and executing a stunning wedding and honeymoon was pretty stressful and just took away a lot of my time and energy to write. With all of that behind me now, and great new memories, I have had the time to relax a bit.

So I wanted to share the agenda for things going forward for the next couple weeks. This will help keep me focused as well as I tend to forget things I want to do and say as I have so many things going through my head at the same time.

-Review 2012 Elite football and 2012 Score football

-Catch up on previews

-Combine cards and places I visited on my honeymoon

-Showcase some new items for the man-cave

-Showcase some special cards I received from the 2012 National, without even having to go!

-Get ready for the 2012 Panini NFL Player of the Day promotion

-Start graduate school

This is actually a more daunting list than previously expected. It’s a lot of different types of content over the next couple of weeks but also includes starting graduate school and going off to Hawaii for a week for a friend’s wedding. I should have plenty of content ready for the Hawaii trip but needless to say, it’s going to be a busy couple of weeks.

Thanks for sticking around with me while I was away, but it’s back to business as usual.

Blogoversary Contest #2

This is contest #2 celebrating the first “Blogoversary” for

See, here at we like to win stuff from other blogs to give away here. Call it what you will, but we just like to win stuff as much as we like to give away stuff.

This item we are giving away was won on FieldLevelView and is perfect for any Panini fan…or someone who just needs a shirt. A fashionable shirt at that. In fact, the only person who wouldn’t want this shirt is Gellman. It would be hilarious to send it to him, but it probably wouldn’t fit him anyway. (Just like sending a pack of Topps Series I to Stale Gum was funny too.)

Anyway, here is the beautiful item we are giving away, modeled by my floor.

To win this beautiful shirt, all you need to do is check out any of the Panini products we have reviewed over the past year and tell me which one was your favorite product and why. Just post the comment below and you’re entered.

You have until Monday, April 9, 2012 at 11:59pm PST to enter.

Good luck!

I Am Beat

After flying across the country all day, I come home to find a nice package on my dining room table that my friend brought in for me. Inside is my next group of reviews. Everything is opened and had pictures and video done, I am just too exhausted to post one of them right now. Too much flying, then I have to work tonight. But you’ll get a sneak peak on what is coming….

Panini vs. The Cup – Full Dual Box Break Review

Panini Elite Black Box Review

Panini Threads Review

There were some nice cards pulled and finally the epic showdown will commence. I’m just too tired to do that epic showdown right now. Stay tuned!

For those interested, the leaderboard for the NFL POD will be updated tonight as well, just later!


Site News: A Week In Review

This past week I’ve been trying to catch up with previews for all the releases in July. That meant a little more Panini previews than anything else because of their large July lineup. Most are looking pretty good however in the design and value department so I am definitely happy to see the improvements that many people have been bothered by with this year’s earlier releases. In other Panini news, I heard that they have hired a new Customer Service person to man the phones, so if you haven’t heard about your Panini redemptions, they will be easier to contact.

Speaking of redemptions, for those who didn’t know why they couldn’t get a hold of Upper Deck this past week, it is because they were moving their facilities down the street to a smaller building. They have also been shipping their redemption team and supplies out to North Carolina to expedite the process. It’s been a busy time of changes at Upper Deck and they should be settling down completely soon. Hold off on calling them about redemptions, they’ll be there.

As far as the blog goes, the top post of the week was my interview with Adam of Dave & Adam’s Card World. I learned a few things from Adam and he answers some questions from me and his consumers about issues they may have. His responses were extremely well thought out and is probably one of the best interviewees I have seen in the industry. I couldn’t have asked for a better response from him and from the community by reading the post. I thank everyone from Adam to my readers for taking their time for that post.

Finally, Sports Card Blog has put in it’s application for the Ginta-cuffs Battle of the Blogs 2011!  Open a box of 2011 Allen & Ginter baseball and you score points based on your favorite team and favorite player. Plus the Commish picks a series of other ways to get points or lose points based off the cards in the box. I am very excited for this as the winner receives a hobby box of 2011 Allen & Ginter for free provided by Topps, bragging rights, and it’s just a ton of fun to open Allen & Ginter. Someone had already chosen my favorite player, Jon Lester, so I couldn’t go with him. Instead, I am going with Adrian Gonzalez of my Boston Red Sox as he has a ton of cards in the set. It’s a good thing I couldn’t get Lester, it turns out he is a SP in the set. It will be my first year in the battle when approved, so I’m hoping I can make headlines like Bryce Harper as a rookie. If there are any bloggers out there who want to play along you can join us for a rousing game of Ginta-Cuffs. May the best blog win! Believe me, if I do win, there will be a giant spectacle and I will bribe the Commish with amazing bribes to get that win.

So that has been the week that was. Next week brings on some more interesting things. I’ll be sending off some questions to Thomas Fish of Blowout Cards as he has emailed me recently (so if you have any questions for him please send me an email or leave a comment), a couple more product previews, and I’m really hoping I can get a couple reviews in. How about some 2011 Donruss Elite football and 2010-11 Panini All-Goalies? A little birdy told me I may have a package coming with those boxes in it. Did I mention when I do reviews from Panini I will be giving out fabulous prizes? Sounds like a good week ahead for you the awesome reader and me.

Again, thanks for reading and make sure you check back soon. Maybe I’ll pull something awesome to give away.