Contest #7 Results

I needed to hold a Wheel O’ Awesome contest. The wheel is collecting dust and needs to be spun. Plus it will help me decide whether or not I need to make a new wheel.

The contest stated that you needed to guess which Major League Baseball game I attended in which a player hit for the cycle and who hit the cycle for what team. And….only one person guessed the correct game I attended in which someone hit for the cycle.

June 6, 1996, in Boston, Massachusetts, John Valentin of the Boston Red Sox hit for the cycle. I was sitting in roof box seats on the third base side where my cousin had season tickets. All game everyone was yelling and cursing at Bill Buckner who was a coach with the Chicago White Sox that year.

Also, in the first inning, Tim Naehring hit into an around the horn triple play.

I fondly remember Timmy hitting into that triple play with a hard ground ball to third and just hanging his head after he was called out at first. The other thing I remember was John Valentin hitting the double to complete the cycle and looking up at the center field scoreboard which stated “John Valentin has hit for the cycle!” while he was given a standing ovation. It was an amazing game with two very rare occurrences in one single game.

That was the last time a member of the Red Sox has hit for the cycle.

HockeyCard_Andy wins the contest as the only person to correctly guess the game. For some reason, everyone seemed to think it was the Bengie Molina cycle, however, it was not. I guess everyone (except for Andy) forgot about that other cycle at Fenway when I was 10 years old. Congratulations, I will be spinning the wheel on video for you in the coming days. I thank everyone else for guessing and stay tuned for more great contests and all the information your heads can handle.

Sports Card Blog Contest #1 Results Show

*cue the fancy music*

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Sports Card Blog Contest #1 Results Show!


Thank you, thank you. You are far too kind. But this is really about the nominees! All 31 of you had your chance to win fabulous prizes! 3 of you will go home with fancy prizes courtesy of Sports Card Blog. But first, we have a live performance by Blink-182!

Now I hear they are working on a new album so stay tuned to some other site for more information!


We’d like to take this time to honor a great entertainer who we lost recently, Mr. Macho Man Randy Savage. In honor of Mr. Macho Man we are taking Diamond King’s idea and the name of the wheel for this contest is:

“The Macho Man Randy Savage Memorial Wheel O’ Prizes”

Please take a moment of silence for Mr. Macho Man.


Before we go to the drawing, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who made this possible. Me. Go me! And I’d like to thank the viewers who spend their time reading Sports Card Blog. We couldn’t have done it without you! *sheds a tear*

Now, for the moment you all have been waiting for…the drawing…live on video! (previously recorded) It’s way too long of a video for what it is but we need to fill air time!


Winners will be contacted by the email they provided. Please post your acceptance speeches in the comments.

May the mojo be with you all! Thank you and goodnight!

*standing ovation*