Panini’s Customer Service Improving

With a recent transition from old customer service personnel and starting once again from the ground up, it looks like Panini is on the fast track to repairing one of their biggest issues, customer service.

One of the biggest complaints coming from collectors who collect Panini products has been reaching someone to deal with their redemptions, and then having someone actually follow through on handling it.

Well, this recent experience by yours truly is definitely one of my top experiences I’ve had dealing with a card company’s customer service department.

I was browsing on Twitter one night and I follow the Panini Customer Service Department on Twitter (@PaniniCSM). I saw that they had offered through Twitter to take some reference numbers for old redemptions. I jumped at the chance because I had a redemption that had been sitting in there since March 2011. The card was a 2010-11 Panini Crown Royale Scratching the Surface Rick Nash Autograph #/100.

I had tried contacting Panini in the past through their redemption part of the website with little luck, but did make sure I put in the request, “If this card is not manufactured, I am an Edmonton and Carolina fan if you take requests.”

So I sent off my reference number to the Panini CSM Twitter account and the next day I got a reply that replacements have been pulled and shipped. It was then updated on my account by the end of the day what the replacements were.

While the sale value may not be the same (I remember seeing the redemption selling for $20), I had these cards sent to me. And honestly, I don’t care about the sale value when it comes to something that isn’t valued extremely high. I like getting cards for my personal collection in return, which I did.

2011-12 Crown Royale Scratching the Surface Bill Ranford Auto (Bruins uniform but Edmonton rink, meh. I know I’m picky.)

2011-12 Crown Royale Scratching the Surface Ales Hemsky Auto (Hooray, my first Hemsky auto!)

2011-12 Crown Royale Heirs to the Throne Jeff Skinner Patch #/50 (Nice!)

Overall, it was definitely an improvement over the past issues at Panini. I didn’t even have to pick up my phone and it was done extremely quickly.

If you haven’t followed @PaniniCSM on Twitter, it’s time to do it. Voice your Customer Service concerns and questions you may have. I think it’s finally in capable hands.