Topps Brings Back Blue Wave Redemptions for 2012 Bowman Chrome

Hot from the Topps desk is the announcement that the popular blue wave refractor redemption program will be returning for another year!

“Here Comes Another Blue Wave!

The hottest redemption program is back!  Collectors who send in 36 Bowman Chrome Baseball (Hobby or Retail; mixing is allowed) wrappers will receive a FREE 5-card cello pack of Exclusive Blue Wave Refractor parallel cards. There are 110 subjects to collect in all. In addition, bonus autographed cards have been randomly inserted into packs, featuring hot prospects such as Jorge Soler, Billy Hamilton, Ronald Guzman and Tyler Austin…just to name a few.

The exclusive wrapper redemption program will be limited to ONLY 10,000 cello packs, so in order to receive your packs, send in your wrappers quickly! There is a 5-pack limit for Blue Wave Refractors per household, which we encourage to be sent in one package. Any packages postmarked earlier than October 17, 2012, the official street date, will not be accepted. If you abuse, you lose!

We will update the number of packs redeemed on Twitter (@toppscards), so follow us there…once 10,000 cello packs have been sent out, the program will conclude and we will be unable to fulfill any more.

Wrappers should be sent to:  Bowman Blue, PO BOX 2008, Duryea, PA 18642

2012 Topps Finest Rookie Redemptions

Redemption # 1           Starling Marte, Pirates

Redemption # 2           Brett Jackson, Cubs

Redemption # 3           Mike Trout, Angels

Redemption # 4           Josh Rutledge, Rockies

Redemption # 5           Jean Segura, Brewers

The final of the 5 autographed rookie redemptions in 2012 Topps Finest has been released by Topps. Jean Segura of the Milwaukee Brewers will round out the list for the season. Make sure you get your redemptions in by the deadline to get your autographed rookie cards, especially if you have #3 on this list!

Panini’s Big Plans For the 2012 NSCC

With the National Sports Collectors Convention coming up on August 2, 2012, Panini has made a huge announcement for one of their plans at the National.

One of the most interesting and innovative concepts for redemption replacements is being brought live to the show. If you are attending this event and have outstanding redemptions of at least 4 months, you’ll be able to get involved with this “trade up” program.

Combining the book value of your cards that you request replacement for, you will be able to get a “grab bag” style redemption replacement for your cards. They will fall in different sports and categories with you being able to redeem for several different valued grab bags. Yes, you can combine multiple cards for one higher value grab bag.

It’s really quite interesting what may be involved here. Will these cards be redemptions that were never redeemed? Cards that were never inserted into product, but produced anyway? Will these be NSCC show stamped items?

Either way, I have a feeling most collectors are going to end up happy with their replacement. Just the fact that you can combine 15 Nathan Eberle autographed rookies into 1 $200 grab bag card makes this interesting. I really can’t wait to see the results and what collectors end up pulling from these grab bags.

Find out more about this program on the Panini blog.

Another Redemption Mailday

This time, this redemption mail day is a replacement special!

The original card put in for redemption was a 2010-11 Panini Elite Black Box Dan Majerle autograph. I’ve been seeing Dan Majerle fulfill redemptions for awhile now and my card just keeps getting passed over by Mr. Majerle.

I was never a huge fan of the Suns when I was younger, but I specifically remember one Dan Majerle card I had where it was kind of a pop up card that sat upright on your desk. We used to trade those in school, around 5th grade, and have them sit on our desks at school. That’s about the only love I’ve ever had for him as I thought those were the coolest things.

Fast forward to today. It’s been about 9 months since I put the redemption in, so I shot an email over to the Panini Customer Service Manager. I’ve dealt with their new customer service department through Twitter with success, so I thought I’d try their email this time. Within an hour or so I received a response. I had put my personal requests for replacements if they could make it possible.

I like putting in requests. I know to expect similar book value, so I always give a ton of options. I’m a huge Blazers fan so I made sure to include that information and a list of players that I’d love the chance at receiving an autograph from as a replacement. Lamarcus Aldridge, Brandon Roy, and Wes Matthews were some of my favorites if he had anything of similar value available.

And has been my experience since the change in that department, Panini Customer Service comes through once again. Less than a week later…

2011-12 Panini Past & Present Wes Matthews Auto

2009-10 Panini Court Kings Brandon Roy Auto /49

People who continue to complain about Panini Customer Service have no room for argument anymore and have not experienced their new staff firsthand.

ITG’s Plans for 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention

The 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention is heating up with more news daily from manufacturers and announcements from the show itself. Today we have some new information from what ITG fans can expect from the company at this year’s National.

In The Game has some big redemption plans for the National this year in Baltimore.

There will be three products able to be redeemed for exclusive cards at this year’s National: UM-11 National SuperBox, Broad Street Boys and 2011-12 Between The Pipes.

Collectors opening a box of 2011-12 Broad Street Boys at the In The Game booth will receive a 1/1 stamped game used memorabilia card from the product.

Collectors opening a box of 2011-12 Between The Pipes will receive a special game used memorabilia card made for the National as well.

And finally, collectors opening UM-11 National SuperBoxes at the In The Game booth will receive a special 1/1 game used memorabilia card.

ITG will be ready and primed for their box breaking event and I’m sure with a few other surprises along the way.