My First Auto Pull From Retail

Now I’ve been purchasing retail packs and blasters for a long time now. From back when I was little to even today, purchasing retail packs is the easy way to get your sports card fix when you just want to open some packs or work on a base set.

I’ve pulled numerous game used cards from blasters before. Most recently, I pulled a Cal Ripken Jr. bat card from Gypsy Queen. Some blasters even contain guaranteed game used cards now so that doesn’t make it too difficult. But I’ve never pulled an autograph from retail packs. Maybe it’s bad luck or everything I open seems to be pack searched.

But the other day I bought a rack pack of 2012 Topps Chrome on a whim. I like Chrome over the flagship set as it holds its value better, looks better, and the inserts are nicer. So I thought, let’s take a look and see what Chrome has to offer.

Then in one of my packs…

2012 Topps Chrome Ryan Lavarnway autograph. Not only is it my first autograph from retail, it’s the first time in a long time I’ve hit a Red Sox autograph that will go straight into my personal collection.

On a bonus note, Ryan Lavarnway used to play for the Manchester Silkworms in the New England Collegiate Baseball League. My brother also used to play for that team in the same league. I believe he played the year before Lavarnway though. Manchester, Connecticut, is right next to the towns that I used to live in growing up, so it’s nice seeing someone local, although he’s originally from California, make it to the big leagues and to the Red Sox.

It definitely makes it another reason why this should stay in my personal collection.

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to those who are Irish and those who want to be Irish on this day of the year. As with every year, I love the Red Sox spring training game this year because of the green apparel that shows love to the large Irish population in Boston.

Maybe Topps can grab some of those spring training jerseys and create a cool little Red Sox game used/autograph set from photos of them wearing the jerseys and swatches of the actual jerseys themselves. As a Red Sox fan, that would be really cool.

So tonight I will be enjoying some green beer, maybe some green ketchup from Burger King, or maybe I’ll just wear some green.

So let’s raise a glass, to better days!

Man Cave Memorabilia: Jon Lester Autograph

I thought from time to time I would continue showing off some of the memorabilia in my man cave. So from now on I will entitle this “Man Cave Memorabilia”.

You have seen a couple pieces of my memorabilia in posts that were either gifts or contest wins. You can see my Taylor Hall autographed puck or my Adrian Gonzalez autographed baseball I have in the man cave as well.

This time, I will be showing off another baseball piece in which I own, also given to me as a gift by my wonderful fiance. She’s good, she knows what I like. This one is of my favorite player on the Red Sox, Jon Lester. Check it out!

This picture was taken when Jon Lester pitched his no-hitter against the Kansas City Royals in 2008. A highlight of his already stellar career. The autograph is clean and clear right in the middle.

Again, she bought this item from which has some great pieces from players in all sports. So make sure you pay them a visit and use the code on the right sidebar for a discount if you plan on buying anything.

This photo actually sits directly above my desk, so if I’m working at my desk and need some motivation, I can look up and see this picture. The guy beat cancer, threw a no-hitter, and won a clinching game of the World Series. If he can do all of that, I can handle anything.

I’d love to meet him one day and just pick his brain about life and baseball. I’ll have to try and see him pitch again next time the Sox play in Seattle.

More COMC Pickups – Sparkly!

I love sparkly cards. Maybe I have an underlying diagnosis of….oooh pretty.

So here are some sparkly cards that I picked up from COMC in my last shipment to my house.

The first card is of a dynamic Red Sox slugger that is new to Bean-Town. Oh so sparkly! And Red Sox colors too!

The second is another Red Sox, but again, another of my favorite player, Jon Lester! This one is sparkly and was only found in redemption packs from Topps Series I.

I had another sparkly card, but it was die-cut, so it has got to wait until I show off a couple of the die-cut cards I grabbed. Until next time!

A Sweet Birthday Present

I like surprises that show up for my sports card or sports memorabilia collection. This time is no different and I always thank my awesome fiancee for coming up with great things for me. While sometimes it seems she may not care for my collecting or understand why I do it, she always finds a way to add something great to my collection.

The last awesome thing she added was from last Christmas. She bought me a Jon Lester autographed photo from him celebrating after his no-hitter in 2008. It’s a beautiful picture and autograph that sit right against the wall I look at while sitting at my desk. This time, it’s something different.

How awesome is that? It has his autograph and an inscription of what appears to be his favorite verse.

The best part is that my fiancee told me how she utilized the information I have taught her over the years on how to determine whether an autograph is authentic or not, COAs, and legitimate online retailers of authentic memorabilia.

Maybe she does care for my collection but won’t admit it!

Happy Birthday to me!