Topps Can’t Make Everyone Happy

With 2012 Topps Series I baseball coming out, you just can’t make everyone happy. Collecting baseball cards is one of those hobbies where you can be 5 or 55 years old and still enjoy collecting baseball cards of your favorite players or teams. But being 5 or 55 will make a big difference in what you want to see in your box.

The 55 year old will want the types of cards they had growing up. More of a set collectors product that is cheap and fun to collect. They want to see the players and the teams shown in full display and no frills or gimmicks. These are your old school collectors.

Then you have the younger crowd, or the newer generation. These new collectors are all about the gimmicks and the short prints. They love game used memorabilia cards and love autographs. They are spoiled by growing up with these being common in every product and get excited over them.

With Topps’ flagship product coming out, you just can’t please everyone. How can you have a product that has the flashes and gimmicks for the younger generation, the future collectors, and have that same tradition that regular old Topps from the 60s will bring back? You really can’t. You have to pick and choose what is kind of the best of both worlds. From Topps’ standpoint, you have to create what sells. And what sells? We know the answer to that one and it’s the gimmicks. It’s the flashy inserts. The game used and autograph cards. They are the main driving force behind the hobby right now. I give Topps credit for trying new things like the embedded pins and the fancy manufactured collectible patches. They are trying new things to either create the next boom or try and find something that both new and old collectors like.

But both sides are stubborn. And because of the stubbornness, Topps will never find that perfect middle ground and will either piss off one side or the other. It’s the way it has to be if Topps wants to stay in business. You have to make what sells or everyone suffers and there is nothing left.