2012 Topps Heritage Has Redemptions…For Quarters

I know I harp on and on about redemptions, but this time the redemption has gone too far. We are now waiting for redemptions for US currency embedded in cards in 2012 Topps Heritage.

Why are we waiting for redemptions for quarters? QUARTERS? Seriously? At the point, I’m just waiting for the point where I open a box of cards and all it contains is a redemption.

“This is a redemption for the cards inside the box you just purchased. This expires on 3/17/2014.”

The only reasoning I can think of is to chase away pack searchers, but were the coin cards from the past couple years redemptions? Or why not just try something other then coins embedded in cards? I understand your set is based off the 1963 Topps design, but what does coins have to do with baseball cards?

At least we know these redemption cards will be worth at least 25 cents.