Sports Card Blog – Panini NFL Player of the Day Week 10 Contest

Week 10 is here! Only a couple of weeks left in the promotion. Remember, the monthly winner will receive a box of 2011 Panini Threads Football while the grand prize winner through the course of the promotion will receive the mighty Panini Black Box. Michael G. has a little bit of a lead growing, so let’s try and cut that down a little bit this week…sorry Michael!

I noticed that I did a contest that seemed to play to his strengths last week. He won the first month in pretty decent fashion by picking teams. We aren’t going to do that again. We’re going to avoid picking teams for the last two weeks and pick something else.

This week, we are giving away a pack of the Panini National VIP set from the National Collector’s Convention this past year along with some other promotional packs of goodies. I think there is a Hall of Fame set and something else. These packs you could only get by attending those events and I’ll be giving them away to the winner!

This week’s contest will be all about guessing top players and top statistics. This will be kind of like a past contest, but I’m going to shape it up a little bit to allow room for more points.

You will pick who you think will achieve the highest stat in each category and how much of that stat they achieve. Only difference is, if you guess the correct player you get bonus points. The closer you are to the actual stat, the more points you get. It’s a nice mix between fantasy and stat prognosticating.

For example:

I will ask for the QB with the highest number of yards and how many?

Your answer will be: Dan Orlovsky (358 yards)

If Dan Orlovsky is the highest passing QB, you will get (x) amount of points. Even if you guess the player incorrectly, you may also get points for guessing the statistic. So say you are within 50 yards, you will get an additional (x) amount of points. I ran something similar earlier in the promotion that didn’t go so well, so we’re going to amp it up a bit.

Here are the stats and players you will be guessing…

Highest passing QB and number of yards? (Within 50 yards (+1), within 20 yards (+2)

Highest rushing RB and number of yards? (Within 40 yards (+1), within 10 yards (+2)

Highest receiving WR and number of yards? (Within 30 yards (+1), within 10 yards (+2)

Highest receiving TE and number of yards? (Within 20 yards (+1), within 10 yards (+2)

Highest defensive player and number of tackles? (Within 5 tackles (+1), within 2 tackles (+2)

Longest K field goal and number of yards? (Within 10 yards (+1), within 5 yards (+2)

Highest team score and number of points? (Within 7 points (+1), within 3 points (+2)

Each player or team you guess correctly will give you 3 additional points. That makes this round give you a possible 35 points. Definitely enough points to get you back into either of the leaderboards.

Note: The Thursday game will not count towards this contest. Do not guess anyone on the Jets or Broncos. Also, the Texans, Colts, Saints, and Steelers are on bye.

Oh, and I’ll throw in another twist. I just realized I forgot that I had an envelope full of a few additional NFL Player of the Day Rookie Review card sets. A set of these cards will go into each of the 3 non-prize winning drawings I will hold at the end of the promotion for anyone who did not win a weekly contest. When I run that randomizer, for each contest you enter you will receive one entry into the three Panini packs I created. 3 different winners still to be decided there as well. I’m going giveaway crazy!

This is also the home stretch to make sure you visit the official NFL Player of the Day website and using my links to help my case as best blogger promotion. As I said, if I win, I will have more great stuff to giveaway to you guys so make sure you click and visit!