2012 Panini Black Friday – Be There.

After the wildly successful Black Friday promotion from Panini last year, it is only natural they would bring back the promotion for collectors once again this year. And because of that success, if your local card shop sells Panini products, they are probably going to get involved this year if they haven’t in the past.

All the big hits and rewards of going to your local shop for Black Friday has returned this year with the Panini Black Friday packs. With a great looking base set, an awesome insert set, and some sweet surprises for collectors, one can see why it will be successful once again.

So get out to your local card shop before these packs dry up once again this year. You won’t want to be left in the dust.

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Andrew Luck’s First Autographed Colts Cards Hitting eBay

Andrew Luck’s first autographed Colts cards are hitting eBay and they are already getting some nice, fat bids associated with them.

Panini’s 2012 Father’s Day promotion features these first cards of the year, kind of strange that it comes from promotional packs, but that’s going to make these even hotter as they are harder to find.

These are the first cards featuring Andrew Luck in his new Colts uniform. Topps has come out with a set along with several non-NFL licensed products but none have Luck in the horseshoe. That puts a bit of a premium on these cards and you can already see from the prices on eBay.

His plain rookies numbered to 499 are going between $30 and $40 while one of his first Colts autographs has three days left and is already over $200.

Our friend over at FieldLevelView even pulled one of the first Andrew Luck Cracked Ice parallels which are non-numbered but limited to just 25 copies. It isn’t autographed, but it’s definitely one of the highlights of the Father’s Day promotion and is a pretty sweet looking card. I featured it on our post about Panini Father’s Day 2012.

Make sure you head to your local card shop this weekend to see if they are part of Panini’s promotion and get your chance to pull some of these beauties.

Sports Card Blog – Panini NFL Player of the Day Contest Week 11 Finale

I haven’t tabulated the scores from Thanksgiving yet, but I wanted to make sure that I got this finale up in time for everyone to make their picks. This is going to be similar to last week, but with a little twist. You will be able to make your guesses completely up to you.

So this week is like this, you pick a player and guess their stat line. The only rule is that the player must be a starter and must be a top 10 player at that position. You can find a list of the top players here on NFL.com.

Here are the positions and points:

QB: (+3 within  20 yards, +1 within 50 yards)

RB: (+3 within 10 yards, +1 within 30 yards)

WR: (+3 within 10 yards, +1 within 30 yards)

TE: (+3 within 10 yards, +1  within 20 yards)

K: (+3 within 5 yards, +1 within 10 yards) *Doesn’t matter kicker, as long as starter

DEF: (+3 within 2 tackles, +1 within 4)

TEAM: (+3 within 4 points, +1 within 8 points) *Any team playing on Sunday/Monday

I will be tabulating the scores for Thanksgiving shortly and will announce the winner along with this winner on Tuesday. As well as the grand prize and monthly prize winners as well. Oh, and a thank you giveaway should occur on Tuesday or Wednesday too. So thank you all for visiting the official NFL Player of the Day website and joining in on this promotion. If you haven’t visited yet, please make sure you visit that site and check it out for me!

Oh, and the winner will receive the final NFL Player of the Day t-shirt and card set.

It’s a Panini Black Friday at Your Local Shop

Bored while your wife or significant other is shopping on Black Friday? Getting tired because you’ve been up since midnight grabbing as many deals as you can? Well power up with some Red Bull and head over to your local card shop, ‘cuz Panini said so.

That’s right, Panini wants you at your local hobby shop this Black Friday. With their promotion for Black Friday, they are looking to help out the card shops and help out collectors who shop at those card shops with free Black Friday packs of cards. That’s right, free Black Friday packs.

What is in these packs you ask? Super Bowl game memorabilia cards. Pro Bowl game memorabilia cards. Autographs. Oh, and of course some base style cards as well.

It’s very cool to see what Panini has in store for these Super Bowl cards. Game used pylons are embedded into some of these cards from possibly the biggest sporting event of the year in the United States.

The Pro Bowl additions are pretty nice as well. I mean, you will not hit any scrubs from that roster of players right there.

So make sure you head to your local card shop the day after you feast on some turkey and football for a new after Thanksgiving tradition, Panini Black Friday football.

If you haven’t checked out these blog posts from Panini, you’re missing out about the promotion and there are a ton of pictures and posts to read through, just check these out.

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Sports Card Blog – Panini NFL Player of the Day Week 10 Winner

Hey everyone, week 10 was a crazy week for picking players who would lead each statistical category. I thought this would give everyone a solid chance of scoring over 10 points. Well, only one person scored over 10 points. But when you have players coming from their couch (Kevin Smith) or rookies throwing for mega yards (Andy Dalton), you know it’s going to be a rough week. I hope some of you at least had one of these players going in fantasy.

Here are the week’s standings and winner:

KJ L: 11
Evan: 9
Weirdmaniac: 7
Edwin G.: 7
Jay R.: 5
Shane K: 5
Madison V.: 5
Matt G.: 4
Patrick P: 4
Harley E.: 4
Michael G.: 4
RJ R.: 3

I apologize for the low scores, but to make up for it, remember you will be able to score some bonus points for the Thanksgiving games. The contest will be posted soon, so make sure you look out for it!

Congratulations goes out to KJ L. for another win. I’d like to see some people step it up! We’ve only had like 4 different winners with over 10 entrants each week. It’s crazy! Thankfully I have the bonus prizes available for some of you :)

On to next week! But remember to click the links to the NFL Player of the Day site and check it out!