I Miss Andre Miller

As a Blazers fan, I miss Andre Miller. I miss him so much I picked up this 2011 Panini Gold Standard autograph of ‘Dre. I love this card. As I mentioned in my review of Gold Standard last season, I just love the design and the set itself. To have an underrated Blazer featured in a higher end set is nice for a Portland fan by myself, although others may be disappointed.

(And I grabbed this photo off eBay since I can’t seem to find mine…I’ve never lost a card so I’m sad.)

‘Dre was the pure point guard. Great passer, penetrated the paint, and scored when he needed to. The guy even put up 50 points in a single game as a Blazer because he needed to score that night and the defense wasn’t keep him honest.

While he wasn’t a premier point guard, he was very underrated and the Blazers are feeling it now. Raymond Felton is not the answer to the point guard problem in Portland. The Blazers haven’t had a serviceable point guard in years and blew their chances at a franchise point guard after they drafted Sebastian Telfair.

If the Blazers can trade for a better point guard by the time the NBA trade deadline hits, without losing their depth, watch out. You’ll have a serious NBA Championship contender in Portland. If they didn’t trade Andre Miller, you might be saying that already.


Trailblazers Opening Night

Tonight is the opening night for the 2011-12 Portland Trailblazers.

It’s weird that I never really followed the NBA before I moved out to Portland. While living in Connecticut we had the Celtics, Knicks, and Nets close by but I never really got into the NBA. I loved college basketball and watching the Connecticut Huskies though.

But when I moved out to Portland during the 2006-07 season, watching the Trailblazers reminded me of what I loved about college basketball…the atmosphere and the playing as a team.

The Rose Garden is unlike any basketball arena I have ever been to. Loud and smart fans who really know the game. Then watching the Trailblazers, there is no one player bigger then the team. Even when Brandon Roy was taking control of the game, everyone was always involved.

So here is to a great 2011-12 NBA season for the Portland Trailblazers. Even though we have lost Brandon Roy, the team should still be exciting with the additions of Jamal Crawford and Raymond Felton to the already exciting core. I know I’m excited.

Here are a couple of my favorite current Trailblazers autographs: