Sports Card Blog – Panini NFL Player of the Day Contest Week 4

The week 4 contest for the Sports Card Blog – Panini NFL Player of the Day contest is here!

Now, I’ve noticed a couple of people are pulling away from the pack. That is a good thing for them, their NFL knowledge and predicting skills are pretty good. So it’s time to change up the style a little bit this week. Let’s see if I can stump these leaders and get some more people back into the game! (No offense to them, but they are just good!)

This week, predict which player will have the better game.

More yards passing – Drew Brees or Tom Brady?

More yards passing – Cam Newton or Aaron Rodgers?

More yards rushing – Darren McFadden or Maurice Jones-Drew?

More yards rushing – Adrian Peterson or Fred Jackson?

More yards receiving – Wes Welker or Steve Smith (CAR)?

More yards receiving – Vincent Jackson or Mike Wallace?

More sacks – Jason Babin or Jared Allen?

Which team scores more points – Patriots or Packers?

Which team scores the least points – Seattle or Denver?

Better Panini football product – Absolute Memorabilia or Crown Royale? (Free bonus point)

Tiebreaker – How many yards does LeGarrette Blount rush for? (Can’t you tell I’m a Bucs fan yet?)

So here we go. This contest gives you the possibility of 10 points. The winner this week will receive a Panini NFL Player of the Day t-shirt and a set of NFL Player of the Day cards. I should have the prizes in on Friday or Monday if my UPS guessing is correct.

As always, I ask everyone to visit the Panini NFL Player of the Day site (even if you’ve been there already, every click helps!) If Sports Card Blog runs the best promotion for Panini, we will be giving away a hobby box (or more!) to random participants of this contest. My hope is to make sure everyone who enters at least half the contests will get something, even if it’s just packs of cards, if we win.