Sports Card Blog – Panini NFL Player of the Day Contest Week 4

The week 4 contest for the Sports Card Blog – Panini NFL Player of the Day contest is here!

Now, I’ve noticed a couple of people are pulling away from the pack. That is a good thing for them, their NFL knowledge and predicting skills are pretty good. So it’s time to change up the style a little bit this week. Let’s see if I can stump these leaders and get some more people back into the game! (No offense to them, but they are just good!)

This week, predict which player will have the better game.

More yards passing – Drew Brees or Tom Brady?

More yards passing – Cam Newton or Aaron Rodgers?

More yards rushing – Darren McFadden or Maurice Jones-Drew?

More yards rushing – Adrian Peterson or Fred Jackson?

More yards receiving – Wes Welker or Steve Smith (CAR)?

More yards receiving – Vincent Jackson or Mike Wallace?

More sacks – Jason Babin or Jared Allen?

Which team scores more points – Patriots or Packers?

Which team scores the least points – Seattle or Denver?

Better Panini football product – Absolute Memorabilia or Crown Royale? (Free bonus point)

Tiebreaker – How many yards does LeGarrette Blount rush for? (Can’t you tell I’m a Bucs fan yet?)

So here we go. This contest gives you the possibility of 10 points. The winner this week will receive a Panini NFL Player of the Day t-shirt and a set of NFL Player of the Day cards. I should have the prizes in on Friday or Monday if my UPS guessing is correct.

As always, I ask everyone to visit the Panini NFL Player of the Day site (even if you’ve been there already, every click helps!) If Sports Card Blog runs the best promotion for Panini, we will be giving away a hobby box (or more!) to random participants of this contest. My hope is to make sure everyone who enters at least half the contests will get something, even if it’s just packs of cards, if we win.


Sports Card Blog – Panini NFL Player of the Day Week 3 Winner

I know this is a late post, but I had to wait until the results of tonight’s Monday Night Football game between my Buccaneers against the Colts. The Colts are in my top 5 power rankings of favorite NFL teams based on my personal dealings with Jim Irsay, owner of the Colts. A late touchdown propelled my Buccaneers to victory and it also propelled Michael G to this week’s prize!

Congratulations goes to Michael G for his performance this week in guessing each game and the spread. He is kind of due for a win after finishing in second or third place each of the other weeks. Edwin G almost had his second victory as well if the game went the other direction.

Michael G will be sent a Panini NFL Player of the Day pennant, or bobblehead, I’m not sure which I promised. But he won something! The prizes should be in this week. If these prizes happen to be team or player specific, I will let you know.

So again, congratulations and look out for the next contest coming in a couple days, unless there is a Thursday game, in which the contest will be up tomorrow!

Stay tuned all season long for more contests every week just like this and do me a solid and visit the NFL Player of the Day website. Even if you’ve been before, every little bit helps for this promotion. If I run the best promotion as deemed by Panini, I will give away some more great stuff including a hobby box or two of cards!

2011 NFL Player of the Day Promotion – Contest #1


This is contest #1 of the 2011 Panini NFL Player of the Day promotion here on Sports Card Blog. This is going to be a “Beat the Blogger” contest in which you are playing against me for points.

This “Beat the Blogger” contest will be simple. Pick the winners of the Week 2 NFL games. Each game you get correct is worth one point for this contest. The winner receives 5 points toward the grand prizes. Second place gets 4 points, third place gets 3 points, fourth place gets 2 points, and everyone who enters gets 1 point.

If you “Beat the Blogger”, you will get 2 bonus points that goes towards the grand prizes. To make things a little harder for me, I must choose at least 3 upsets according to Yahoo! Pick’em. You can pick whoever you want for each game, you have no restrictions.

Here are the games for Week 2, my picks are in  bold:

Oakland at Buffalo

Kansas City at Detroit (Blogger upset pick)

Baltimore at Tennessee

Cleveland at Indianapolis (Blogger upset pick)

Tampa Bay at Minnesota (Blogger upset pick)

Chicago at New Orleans

Jacksonville at New York Jets

Seattle at Pittsburgh

Arizona at Washington

Green Bay at Carolina

Dallas at San Francisco

Cincinnati at Denver

Houston at Miami

San Diego at New England

Philadelphia at Atlanta

St. Louis at New York Giants

Tie-breaker for prize: Who passes for the most passing yards and how many yards does he pass for? If you have the most points and guess the correct quarterback and are closest to the actual number, you will win the prize.

I have picked at least three upsets and they are noted above. Remember, you can pick whoever you want.

The prize for the winner of this contest is the official 2011 Panini NFL Player of the Day T-Shirt and a set of 2011 Panini NFL Player of the Day trading cards.* (Subject to change if they change prizes on me since I don’t have them in hand yet)

Points will be added to the leaderboard on Tuesday. Make sure to tell your friends and make sure you check out the 2011 Panini NFL Player of the Day website where you can learn how to enter for a chance to spend the day with an NFL player!

(Note: One entry per household, please! And no editing, I’ll be writing down your picks the night before the first game of the week.)

Remember, the grand prizes (Panini Black Box, Auto mini-helmet, box of Prestige football) will be won by the top people with the most points at the end of this promotion. So you better enter every week for the best chance to win!