Man Cave Memorabilia: Jon Lester Autograph

I thought from time to time I would continue showing off some of the memorabilia in my man cave. So from now on I will entitle this “Man Cave Memorabilia”.

You have seen a couple pieces of my memorabilia in posts that were either gifts or contest wins. You can see my Taylor Hall autographed puck or my Adrian Gonzalez autographed baseball I have in the man cave as well.

This time, I will be showing off another baseball piece in which I own, also given to me as a gift by my wonderful fiance. She’s good, she knows what I like. This one is of my favorite player on the Red Sox, Jon Lester. Check it out!

This picture was taken when Jon Lester pitched his no-hitter against the Kansas City Royals in 2008. A highlight of his already stellar career. The autograph is clean and clear right in the middle.

Again, she bought this item from which has some great pieces from players in all sports. So make sure you pay them a visit and use the code on the right sidebar for a discount if you plan on buying anything.

This photo actually sits directly above my desk, so if I’m working at my desk and need some motivation, I can look up and see this picture. The guy beat cancer, threw a no-hitter, and won a clinching game of the World Series. If he can do all of that, I can handle anything.

I’d love to meet him one day and just pick his brain about life and baseball. I’ll have to try and see him pitch again next time the Sox play in Seattle.