Collecting Cards and Personality Types

Lately, I’ve been trying to learn more about myself on a personal note. It’s a great exercise and something really interesting to get to know yourself better. As someone who majored in Criminology and had to take a large number of psychology courses, all this stuff interests me. Why you think what you think, why you do things a certain way, all that fun stuff. So I started last night with a simple and popular personality test based on the Jung and Briggs Myers typologies.

My personality test showed me as a somewhat rare “INTJ” personality type, or The Mastermind. The acronym stands for Introvert, Intuition, Thinking, Judgment. After reading about The Mastermind, it fits me perfectly. Actually, this type of post fits that personality type as well, surprise.

But then I wonder, what personality types are card collectors?

Introverted – From my experience, I think the easiest one to decipher is that most card collectors start with I. I would argue that a lot of collectors that I have met are introverted. Just the idea of sitting around and collecting something is an independent activity that introverts would enjoy more than extroverts. I’m not saying there are no extroverted collectors, but I think introverts are more drawn to collecting things.

Sensing – I think a lot of the hardcore collectors would fit into S as their second letter. The main difference between INTJ and ISTJ is that the sensing area is more utilized. They like facts and are less of the theoretical type like the INTJ’s are. Collecting cards is generally accepting things as facts. I guess I’m in a dream world most of the time. :)

Thinking – Thinkers are more on the objective side and look at the finer details in things. Hardcore card collectors are the same way. Nothing can get by a lot of collectors when it comes to the finer details of trading cards in design or condition.

Judgment – This is an interesting one as it could fall either way. Judgment refers to planning and liking predictable outcomes. Card collecting is kind of a predictable hobby, however, the rush of unpredictability when busting boxes is pretty high for some people (like myself). Maybe that high when opening boxes is your mind liking the unpredictability because you like predictability?

So I wonder if my thoughts on the personality types of collectors are generally the same. I invite you to take a personality test here to find out your personality type and share it here. I would do a poll but there are 16 different personality types. You can be anonymous with your post if you wish, I’m just curious what types of people other collectors may be.

I’m an INTJ. What are you?