New Partnership with Dave & Adam’s Card World

I’ve been working on a few things behind the scenes the past couple of weeks and today we have finally finalized a deal on a partnership with one of the biggest online hobby retailers in the United States. Dave & Adam’s Card World (DACW) has long been a staple of the online hobby scene for quite some time now. With their low prices and great customer service, collectors around the world have had their respect and trust in this company, helping it grow with not only an online presence, but several brick and mortar stores in upstate New York.

I’ve done the vast majority of my business over at DACW over the past several years. I’m proud to announce them as my preferred retailer. Not only are they my preferred retailer, I am a premier customer as well. If you spend a certain amount of money with the company in a month, you will get exclusive deals on products through your premier account. This account stays with you even if you go months without a purchase. You will also periodically get emails featuring some of the best deals for premier account holders.

The partnership will not change your experience on this blog besides a side link on the sidebar and links in blog posts to the product in their store, as always, where appropriate.

In celebration of this new partnership, we will be giving away a $50 gift certificate to DA Card World. You can find details on how you can win that on Friday. Also on Friday, make sure you check out their 2012 Black Friday Preview Sale which features several products on sale that you’ll be able to find on Black Friday as well.

New Partnership with Cardboard Connection

I’m back.

And I’m back in a big way. Just because I was spending time in Hawaii and enjoying a wonderful wedding of two great friends of mine doesn’t mean I wasn’t working behind the scenes in my spare time.

For some time I’ve been trying to find a way to maximize exposure of the site as well as work in helping the bigger sites with content. Well, the details are now hashed out and I have the opportunity to do both for the hobby community.

We have reached a deal with the biggest independent source of hobby news on the planet in Cardboard Connection. Cardboard Connection is my top source for information on hobby news that I haven’t been caught up to date with yet. With their fantastic writers and interesting columns, they are my favorite source of hobby news. You will only notice a few changes with the partnership that will not affect your experience here on SportsCardBlog. Our previews and reviews will contain links to special Cardboard Connection information on the product, including their awesome checklists. We will also have a small banner link on the side, alongside the companies who graciously send us product.

In return, Cardboard Connection will have our link on their main page under “Featured Blogs”, they will be helping to promote the blog through various social media sources, and will allow me to write for them on occasion. It’s a fantastic deal that works well for both sides. Plus, you can find more of me soon on Cardboard Connection. So make sure you are checking them out if you aren’t already. And if you aren’t, why aren’t you? Seriously. You’re missing out.

It’s truly an honor to work with such a hobby heavyweight and I’m excited for what this will bring for SportsCardBlog and the hobby as a whole.

Now, let’s get back to our regularly scheduled programming and at least 6 articles a week. My vacation is over.