2012 Panini NFL Player of the Day Contest – Week 4

First, we would like to formally congratulate Jacob for winning Week 3 of the Panini NFL Player of the Day contest here on Sports Card Blog. He netted some sweet swag for the victory, including a Panini NFL Sticker book and some packs to go along with it. Everyone else who beat me or got in on the bonus entry has been entered for the grand prizes, which was everyone due to my terrible picking skills. As it goes, I lose, you win, again. I suck at this.

But now, Week 4 is here.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this year’s 2012 Panini NFL Player of the Day promotion courtesy of the wonderful people at Panini and Sports Card Blog. So you may not have a card shop near you or maybe you don’t have the cash to participate in this in store program…so what? You can still participate here and win some great prizes along the way.

This year’s theme is “Beat the Blogger” so we have a great contest set up for Week 2. Easy and simple to enter.

If you “Beat the Blogger” you will earn 1 entry towards one of TWO grand prizes we are giving away at the end of the promotion – an oversized Andy Dalton Private Signings autograph and a box of 2012 Panini Rookies & Stars football. There will also be a bonus as well for those who participate in the bonus at the bottom.

This week, the person with the most points will win a NFL POD t-shirt and a couple NFL Player of the Day promo packs.

Week 4 Contest – Rushing Predictors

Sports Card Blog will pick the player who will accumulate the most rushing yards (according to ESPN) for this week’s Sunday and Monday games. Your job is to “beat” me. Those who tie or score more points than me will receive one entry into the grand prize contest. The overall winner for the week will receive the prizes mentioned above. Please post your predictions below:

Arian Foster v. Ray Rice – ARIAN FOSTER
Darren McFadden v. Maurice Jones Drew – MJD
Adrian Peterson v. Trent Richardson – ADRIAN PETERSON
Matt Forte v. Alfred Morris – ALFRED MORRIS
Ahmad Bradshaw v. Stephen Ridley – STEPHEN RIDLEY
Doug Martin v. Chris Johnson – DOUG MARTIN
CJ Spiller v. DeAngelo Williams – CJ SPILLER
Felix Jones v. Donald Brown – FELIX JONES
Darren Sproles v. Mikel Leshoure – DARREN SPROLES
Ben-Jarvis Green-Ellis – v. Stephen Jackson – STEPHEN JACKSON
Rashard Mendenhall v. Shonne Greene – SHONNE GREENE
Alex Green v. Beanie Wells – BEANIE WELLS

Tiebreaker: Total yards rushing for Doug Martin.

Bonus! (Additional entry + Terrance Gannoway Prominence Auto Contest!) Using the link the the NFL POD site, tell me what year the NFL Player of the Day promo began.

Comments will be hidden until kickoff for the integrity of the BONUS question.