2012 Panini Black Friday – Be There.

After the wildly successful Black Friday promotion from Panini last year, it is only natural they would bring back the promotion for collectors once again this year. And because of that success, if your local card shop sells Panini products, they are probably going to get involved this year if they haven’t in the past.

All the big hits and rewards of going to your local shop for Black Friday has returned this year with the Panini Black Friday packs. With a great looking base set, an awesome insert set, and some sweet surprises for collectors, one can see why it will be successful once again.

So get out to your local card shop before these packs dry up once again this year. You won’t want to be left in the dust.

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Panini Celebrates Father’s Day 2012 in Style

Panini’s Marketing Team are kings of in-store promotions. Black Friday was a great success and they are looking to continue that success with a Father’s Day promotion full of great cards for collectors.

With Father’s Day right around the corner and just about a week away, Panini is showing off the goods on what will be included in their packs. Most of these packs can be received via wrapper redemption inside stores for buying Panini products. And they are going to be hot once again.

Covering every sport Panini does, these packs will contain autographs and memorabilia just like the packs you’ll find in your Panini boxes. But the cards are like nothing you can find in Panini products which makes this program so special. From special Pro Bowl cards, to 9/11 Tribute cards, and cards commemorating the Dallas Mavericks NBA Championship, it’s loaded with the stuff collectors really want.

You’ll find your game used cards, autographed cards, and special inserts you can’t find anywhere else.  Just check out these posts on the Panini blog. Make sure you only check out the 2012 posts for what’s going on this year.

To find out more about the promotion keep your eyes on the Knight’s Lance and right here as I will continue updating as more information is made public. It looks like it’s going to be another winner from the Panini marketing team.

It’s a Panini Black Friday at Your Local Shop

Bored while your wife or significant other is shopping on Black Friday? Getting tired because you’ve been up since midnight grabbing as many deals as you can? Well power up with some Red Bull and head over to your local card shop, ‘cuz Panini said so.

That’s right, Panini wants you at your local hobby shop this Black Friday. With their promotion for Black Friday, they are looking to help out the card shops and help out collectors who shop at those card shops with free Black Friday packs of cards. That’s right, free Black Friday packs.

What is in these packs you ask? Super Bowl game memorabilia cards. Pro Bowl game memorabilia cards. Autographs. Oh, and of course some base style cards as well.

It’s very cool to see what Panini has in store for these Super Bowl cards. Game used pylons are embedded into some of these cards from possibly the biggest sporting event of the year in the United States.

The Pro Bowl additions are pretty nice as well. I mean, you will not hit any scrubs from that roster of players right there.

So make sure you head to your local card shop the day after you feast on some turkey and football for a new after Thanksgiving tradition, Panini Black Friday football.

If you haven’t checked out these blog posts from Panini, you’re missing out about the promotion and there are a ton of pictures and posts to read through, just check these out.

The initial details

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With More Cards

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Upper Deck Presents National Hockey Card Day in America

February 11, 2012, will be a great day for hockey collectors in the United States. This year, Upper Deck will follow up their successful “Hockey Day in Canada” card promotion with a “Hockey Day in America” promotion in hobby shops all across the country.

Each Hockey Day in America set is 15 cards with a 16th bonus card provided when you purchase some Upper Deck product. You can find the set by opening up 5 card packs of cards which are also seeded with some great autographs for collectors to chase.

I was able to snag a Hockey Day in Canada set when I was up in Canada about a month after the promotion thanks to the wonderful people at Wayne’s Sports Cards in Edmonton. While they just gave me a full set, the cards were very nice. I wish I was able to open up some of the packs though to try and grab one of the exclusive autographs in the product.

Now I don’t have any decent hobby shops in my area and I don’t live in a hockey city besides our Junior team. Hopefully I can find a way to grab some of these packs from somewhere. Maybe I’ll try and contact Upper Deck to see if I can grab some packs from them to give away? I think they are selling them to dealers for extremely cheap so maybe I can get in on that and then give some packs away on Hockey Day in America.

Stay tuned, I’ll see what I can do! If I can’t, hopefully your local hobby shop will have some of these packs to give away to their customers.

The Ethics of Pack Searching

Today I went to Fred Meyer to search for a blaster of 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen or 2011 Bowman. Freddy’s had neither but I saw an open retail box of Gypsy, loosys as many people know them as. They were all mixed up, turned around, sideways, obviously rifled through. When purchasing loose packs you always run the chance that someone had come by and tried to search them for the “hits”, game used or autographs. Needless to say, I opened 5 of the remaining 15 packs and didn’t get much.

Were these packs searched? I don’t know, I couldn’t tell.

Pack searching is the act in which someone goes to a retail or hobby store and molests the packs of cards with their hands or other devices in which to try and find the hits. I would estimate about 10-15% of collectors are known to do this in one form or another whether they admit it or not. I wouldn’t be surprised if that number was higher. But why do they do it? Greed is probably the most common reason. Self-esteem issues because their collections may not match that of others they know online or in person is another. Finally, maybe they don’t know what they are doing is wrong. Ethically, searching packs is wrong.

Hits are put into boxes according to odds, it says so on the back of packs and boxes. These searchers are the ones who try and defy these odds, therefore taking what is supposed to be random out of the equation. If some little kid or myself wants to go to the store and buy a pack of cards and receive the same odds as everyone else, we usually end up just buying a blaster or hobby box because we don’t know what has been done to those packs. The searchers create an atmosphere in which nobody is getting the same odds and is in effect, unfair to those who come later. Sure, you may say those odds will change by those who pick randoms themselves but those people are not trying to get 1:1 instead of 1:3500.

Also, the pack searchers often damage the cards in itself causing the monetary value of what is purchased to be lower. Now not only are the random odds being taken away, the money being spent is now going to a complete waste. Do you want to be the victim of such practices?

I avoid all cases in which I could possibly be a victim, except for last night. I should of known better, but every once and awhile I just like to open new packs for fun and just see what’s inside without worrying about what is actually inside. But how can one protect themselves?

  • Buy from newly opened boxes
  • Save your money and stick to just buying boxes from reputable dealers
  • Go to a dealer who is honest in themselves (shop owners are known to do this as well)
  • Buy loose packs from dealers who keep them behind counters

All of those points are ways to protect yourself to make sure you are getting the same odds as everyone else when buying packs. Why would you not want to get what you are paying for?

In all fairness, pack searchers are the bottom feeders of the hobby. They ruin the pack opening experience for both the young and the old, the newbies and the veterans. The card companies have taken some measures to counter their actions, but it seems like the searchers always find ways around it. The best stride I have seen companies take is just to put single packs inside clam shell packaging so people can’t molest the packs. This is not cost effective so it doesn’t happen as much as it is really needed.

In the end, the only protection you will get is the protection you will give yourself. You can help others too. Report pack searchers to the store employees as they are most likely damaging products. The stores won’t take too kindly to that.

Finally, I leave you with some words of wisdom. Wheaton’s Law states, “Don’t be a dick.” You should live your life by that motto, it may come back to…mess with you.